Taking Weed and Their Benefits

The Different Ways of Taking Weed and Their Benefits

Weed is one of the world’s most popular recreational and medicinal drugs. There are myriad health benefits associated with its consumption. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that can only be taken orally, weed can be taken orally, smoked, vaped, and even eaten in edible form. All of these different methods of consumption come with their own benefits and produce different ‘highs.’ If you are new to Cannabis, you must find the method of consumption that’s perfect for you.

In this article, you will find out what some of the most popular ways of taking weed are, their benefits, what the highs that they produce are like:


Vaping is a discreet, effective, and powerful way of consuming Cannabis. Vaping is also a much safer method of consuming Cannabis than smoking because when one smokes it, harmful chemicals and carcinogens are produced. If you’re going to take Cannabis in vape form, then research the best vape pens and get one that will last you a long time. Vaping delivers a very powerful high, although the high produced is not much different from the high that is produced when one smokes Cannabis. The high’s onset time is also very fast.


Smoking is, of course, the most common way that Cannabis is consumed. The downside to smoking, as mentioned previously, is that when Cannabis is smoked, even in its pure form without tobacco, harmful carcinogens and chemicals are produced. While these chemicals are produced in smaller quantities, they can still harm you if you smoke a lot. The high produced by smoking Cannabis is fast-acting and can be intense depending on the strain. Smoking Cannabis is also very inconvenient because one needs to roll and prepare one’s Cannabis before it can be smoked. It is also very pungent.


Edible Cannabis is extremely popular, especially among younger people who want to consume Cannabis discreetly. Edible Cannabis is very powerful, however. The high has been compared more to a psychedelic drug than Cannabis. If you are new to edible Cannabis, then it’s important to pace yourself. If you eat a lot for the first time, you’re likely to experience a bad trip. At the very least, you will become incredibly fatigued and may find it difficult to get up and do anything. You can make your own edible Cannabis, or you can buy it from dispensaries.


Now it’s possible to drink Cannabis. Water-soluble THC and CBD tablets are simply dropped into a glass of water, where they dissolve. This means that you can consume Cannabis in a flask, on the go, without anybody knowing that you are taking Cannabis. In addition to water-soluble tablets, it’s possible to find Cannabis tonics, infused with THC, CBD, and other herbal oils. Drinking Cannabis is a very effective way of consuming Cannabis, but it is not as fast-acting as smoking it is, because it has to go through your metabolic system first. Even so, it is discreet and the high is powerful.

Nasal Spray

Nasal sprays are one of the newest additions to the Cannabis world. These handy sprays contain concentrated THC and can be inserted into one’s nose and sprayed. They deliver a very intense, and fast-acting high, because the spray is instantly processed by the body, and does not need to pass through the metabolic system. Some argue that nasal spray Cannabis products are better for you than other types because no harmful chemicals or by-products are produced during consumption. Others argue that nasal sprays are no more effective than any other method of Cannabis consumption.


It is also possible to purchase Cannabis in pill form. These pills are favored by people who want to consume Cannabis discreetly and on the move. These pills can be consumed anywhere, from on an airplane to inside one’s office. With that said, do not take these pills into countries or states where Cannabis is criminalized. Because they are so discreet, people are able to bring them undetected into airports, through customs, and on public transport. Legality aside, the high produced by these pills is enjoyed by most. It is not particularly fast-acting, but it is still a lot of fun.


Oil is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of consuming Cannabis. Oil is fast-acting, discreet, and easy to take. Unlike other methods, it does not contain any additives or harmful chemicals. You can find oils with varying strengths. Try to find an oil that is extracted without the use of solvents.

Consuming Cannabis is much easier today than it was a decade ago. Now, people have more options and more control over how they get high. If you are interested in taking Cannabis, check out all of the suggestions made here.

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