The Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in Different Industries

The Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in Different Industries

If we look around us and see how society is progressing moving forward and acknowledging different technological advances, the inclusion of artificial intelligence is definitely included in the bigger picture. In the past decade – the technological landscape changed drastically for the better. No one expected smartphones to become a necessary part of our lives and be more than just a phone for making calls. 

Yet here we are. In this globalized age, connecting and collaborating to come up with bigger ideas is easier than ever before. Whether it is the Metaverse or a Web3 ecosystem, conversations are evolving and we are asking newer questions, trying to do more than the ordinary. 

Figures tell us that over 67% of consumers believe that automation will become the norm in the future as emerging technologies are launched every other quarter and making it easier for consumers to navigate through. 

In this article, we will provide a brief overview of what role artificial intelligence could possibly play in our society in the upcoming future while disclosing what industries are already adapting artificial intelligence. 

Major Industries and Artifical Intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence is not foreign to different industries and never has been. It was all about figuring out the right time to trust and implement the technology in daily usage and drive better results. Here are a few industries that continue to embrace AI and apply it everywhere. 


One of the most emerging fields in the past decade and one of the few industries that is completely dependent on the internet and the digital realm as a whole, e-commerce companies knew that they had to research and include every innovative technology into their working scheme. 

One of the leading e-commerce companies and an industry giant at this point, Amazon was ahead of the game. To make the e-commerce process much more smoother and streamlined, Amazon decided to use AI to manage orders and prioritize deliveries to the maximum extent possible. 

Plus, product recommendations and consumer briefs are largely defined by how the algorithm perceives and analyzes data. To help your customers find the right product, include AI in your strategy. 

And to make the customer experience better, AI-based chatbots can answer queries more quickly and effectively. Do not worry though. E commerce app development cost is rarely effected by exclusive AI services nowadays. It is considered normal to already include it. 


The healthcare industry is rapidly changing as well with the emergence of telemedicine as the default choice, old practices no longer exist. And in a space where patients are the main target, precise analysis of data matters. Every single detail is checked thoroughly through AI-based algorithms. Every telemedicine app has to go through protocols and particular license requirements. 

Artificial intelligence has helped companies take patient records and figure out the ideal solution based on different factors such as complexity, cost, the time required, risk factor, etc. It is a trusted choice for patients. 

And AI in the healthcare market has helped the industry grow exponentially and invited investors to see how digital products are saving lives and leaving a bigger impact now. NuMedii recently surprised everyone by leveraging AI and big data to create a system that discovers diseases in various drugs. 

During the pandemic, we saw how patients were comfortable with video calling their doctors rather than actually meeting them. Similarly, virtual nurses are proving to be extremely helpful in aiding patients with minimal need for human interference. 

Banking and Fintech

Whether it is conventional banking or an emerging fintech startup, artificial intelligience is an essential part of the fianancial experience for consumers and clients. To ensure seamless transactions without any third-party interfaces, there are different algorithms in place prioritizing customer needs.

And considering how digital we all have become, fintech and banking companies acknowledge the drawbacks on the other side as well. With cyber-attacks at an all-time high, cautionary measures are being taken accordingly. Crucial data such as credit card info, emails, phone numbers, and addresses are encrypted with help of AI and security protocols. 

Acclaimed companies nowadays work on the UX/UI experience including different security measures for users, ensuring a virus-free interface. 


It is about time you also look at an on-demand app builder and get to the basics of the development process because on-demand apps are currently leading the stage with their revolutionary impressions in the transport market. Making commute easy, seamless, and completely digital. The race has just started. 

Both Uber and Lyft have changed the way we move around the app has changed drastically with every major update. The goal has always been to help users reach one destination from another easily, without any interruptions. 

Artifical intelligence has always helped speed up the process. The algorithm in Uber and Lyft is designed to create the perfect navigational route for both passengers and drivers and plan a roadmap. The result of machine learning also helps in displaying fares based on distance and time. 

What the Future Looks Like

As you can clearly see, artificial intelligence is already a driving force behind many industries and in the upcoming decade – with the way everything is rapidly evolving – we are going to see a new innovative era. Apart from the industries we mentioned, here is where AI is being used as well: 

  • Journalism
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming 
  • Real Estate 
  • Hospitality 

And much more. It is an endless list because there is no one clear path. The usage of AI is all over the place and once it is included in the race, industries are dependent on it for good. And from different perspectives, the market for artificial intelligence is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 38.1% in the future. 

A lot of app developer services austin and engineers are already trying to get insights into the market and see how machine learning and big data work together – the number is predicted to grow up to 100 million people. More opportunities and a bigger market is about to form. 


Overall, we believe the future is bright and there is potential for AI in different industries. Now, your key takeaway from this article should be to implement artifical services for your audience in a way that they understand. Do a thourough market research and see what your audience needs, how AI can help them. 

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