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Basically, an Imginn is a fronted app which is best for browsing and back upping the content from the Instagram Public views as well as  is best for downloading the Instagram public views or stories. By using Imginn, you cannot post on Instagram because it is not allowed to anyone to post any thing on Instagram. It is not allow anyone to even like any kind of post while he is surfing on Imginn app. Here, in this article, you will know much more interesting information about and also of Imginn. Buy you have to read this article very carefully because if you pay your attention here then you will gain some interesting information about the Imginn.


To download a story from an Instagram then you should operate imginn for Instagram. If you don’t want to download a story from an Instagram the you have an option of imginn app for operating imginn and download different kind of posts on Instagram. Alternative

There are many websites that are similar to and their features and working will be discussed in the following. You will know much more interesting information about alternatives. There are so many imginn alternative but here we will discuss few of them so that you will understand clearly which are alternative to Imginn.

In the following, there are many websites are discussed that are similar to


The is one of the similar website to Imginn that’s mean that the functions that Imginn provides to its users, the also provides such kind of features that are alternative to imginn.


In the list of alternatives, here is another name Gramho which has a Semrush Rank of 831,988.


There is a Semrush Rank of Imgkoa is 15,789,287 and it is also considered as one of the similar site to


There are different categories are available in this alternative of such as Business, IT, etc. These are the categories are available in this alternative or similar site of


In this alternative of, there are so many categories are available like Society or Religion, Shopping, Arts and Blogs too. These are available categories of the similar website named

Create an account on Imginn

There are few of the simple steps that are beneficial for you and for creating an account on Imginn. You will be able to create an account on Imginn by following the simple rules or steps that we will be discussed in the following sections. If you are interested to read the simple steps that will help you to create an account on Imginn then you should read it clearly and more consciously.

Step 1:

Create an Account

For making or creating an account on Imginn, you don’t have any kind of information or any kind of abilities. There is a need of email address with creating a password with at-least 8 characters. The characters should be Uppercase characters, Lowercase characters or some special characters for making your password strong.

Step 2:

Login to your Imginn Account

After creating a password or entering the email address then in the next step you have to login to your account. There is an option of Login, you should click on it and then you have to enter the password and username in order to get access of your account.

Step 3:

Search for your video

In the third step of creating an account on Imginn, you should search the video that you want to watch on Instagram. The imginn is one of the best app that is considered as one of the best app for downloading the personal Instagram stories on mobile phone. But unfortunately, it is not compatible yet for the web browsing or web browsers.

Step 4:

Preview and Download a Video

In this step, you should preview the video that you have selected from the Instagram stories and then download that video into your mobile phone or any kind of device. It will help you to watch it many times when it will come to your mobile phone. It is one of the important step in the procedure of creating an account on Imginn.

Step 5:

Send a video via Email

In the last step of creating an account on imginn, you should send a Video via email address. The video that you have selected from the Instagram stories, send it through an email address.

  1. Key-Features of

There are several key features of that will be discussed in the following. There are almost 4 key features that we will discuss in the following just for the people who want to know the key features.

  1. The users can download the stories and also view the stories.
  2. Except the stories, you can also download the post from Instagram.
  3. There are different kind of posts that can be downloaded easily like Photos and Videos.
  4. There is a facility to a user to access the posts manually.

These are the four key points that are beneficial for a user to download all kind of posts such as photos, videos etc. These are the steps can be founded in the Settings if you want these key features, then you should go to the Settings and then download the media very easily.

  1. Is Imginn safe or Not?

Basically, Imginn is a third-party online platform and due to it, we are not sure about it is safe or not. The Imginn is a website and about it, we are we guaranteed that it is secure or safe.


The is a website which has many keys features, which has several alternatives or similar websites whose working and features are similar to It is a very informative and interesting article for those who really want to know such kind of informative or interested information about

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