What is really the pawn shops near you in USA

What is really the pawn shops near you in USA

The other time I was in one of the 150 pawn shops near me on Ontario Street, shopping for stolen tools, looking for some bargain, but I wasn’t delusional. There’s no such thing as a pawn shop. At least for the tools. It’s a myth. At worst, you find a grubby drill, costing $ 40 less than a new one at best, and you only have a one-month warranty for it. While I do, I prefer to buy new, but I still like going to the pawn shops on Sundays, like any good that respects itself. In fact, I really wonder if there are people who buy for real in pawn shops open near me. Or if it’s really just used to pay your hash for crumbs when you’re really in trouble.

Miscellaneous: pawn shops come in third place in what can be found most in Hochelague, immediately after the corpses of old televisions on the roadside. And in first position, none other than convenience stores, which moreover derive their etymology from the word “troubleshoot”.

In any case, there is no denying it, it is a most lucrative business, not for nothing that it is swarming like a fountain of cockroaches in Ontario. Are not crazy, eh? There’s money to be made on the backs of the poor, by the way, are there any pawn shops near me « I DON’T THINK NO ».

Culturally in the USA, the Pawn Shop is an institution, it is the oldest form of loan. You bring one of your goods, it is estimated and you come to look for it later by repaying the loan plus interest. For your information, the interest rate charged by a Pawn Shops near me is lower than that of the “payment cards”

In recent years, TV shows have shown Pawn Shops. This is the case of Pawn Stars and Cajun Pawn Stars near me with stores geared towards luxury and trashier, more sensationalist shows.

Unlike those shows, we more often have Seiko than Rolex on sale, and I don’t have a Picasso or Jimi Hendrix’s guitar on the shelf. But I will however explain some things to you and I hope, dispel some myths.

The first thing we are criticized for is offering too little money. Several things to say about it:

The reality is that we are promoters of bad news. People tend to overestimate the value of their items, the gold watch is actually gold plated, the famous Omega is a counterfeit, or the item has simply lost its value drastically over time.

Let’s take a concrete example: A Hasselblad camera. It is a benchmark device, the Fender L Series of cameras. Even 20 years ago, a used Hasselblad easily sold for several thousand dollars (a new one was worth around 10,000 dollars). Today, such a device is hardly sold for 600 dollars. A Pawn Shop will offer the customer between 300 and 400 dollars for this device that he will sell barely 550 dollars. People find it hard to accept it and they say we are “scamming” them by giving little money.

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