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What are Some of the Best Conversations between Celebrities on Twitter?

Twitter is a most favorite social media platform of celebrities and stars. Twitter provides enough privacy and security to high-profile persons. Through Twitter, celebrities can interact with their loved ones and fans, keeping the line intact. Even Celebrities do interact with each other through commenting and creating threads on Twitter.

Future, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, actively participate in the conversations on Twitter. The future net worth is around $40 million or more, but that’s just an estimated figure.

  • Interacting with Celebrities:

We all wish to meet or interact virtually with our favorite stars. Moreover, the celebrities know very well how to keep the fans and love to respond to the fan’s activities. Yet, it’s tough to respond to each follower. Therefore, the experts in the field provide private services to high-profile accounts.

  • So, if you are genuinely an enthusiastic follower, you will undoubtedly get a chance to interact with high-profile celebs. Future net worth makes him inaccessible, yet he always loves to respond optimistically to his admirers.
  • There are many celebs scandals and false rumors due to an inappropriate audience on the Twitter threads. Therefore, if you genuinely want a real-talk, make sure to comment that makes the celeb talk to you personally instead of just praising unnecessarily. A thoughtful suggestion is way better.
  • The piles of photos and related videos of celeb won’t grab the attention of stars with a heavenly fan following. Because it is something that they have all around them, what makes you unique is the intellectual posts that are admirable by a star and by anyone on the planet.
  • Another easy way to drive the attention of stars is to write your thoughts, something exciting and intellectual about the favorite stars.

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The last but most important thing is to never give up on your dreams. The celebrities already have their accounts piled up with unread msgs and calls, so it is inevitable for them to respond to each text. Instead of blaming the star with arrogancy, be flexible and consistent in your approach.         

  • Conversations between Celebrities:

The unexpected conversation between stars and celebrities enhances the fan following of stars and sometimes ignites a cyberwar among the followers. Most celebrities use the follower’s army to get into the news, and detailed reply on their posts makes them attain good fame.

Some of the engaging comments of celebrities on Twitter are:

  • The sarcastic welcoming comment of Shaq on Oprah’s first post about the caps lock was fun for readers.
  • A trifle fight between Aimee Mann and final level was also a hot cake in the market.
  • A cat’s fight over a denim dress between Britney Spears and Katy perry is not forgettable.
  • Buzz Aldrin, William Shatner, and George Takei on a tweet of space were funny and sarcastic.
  • Ian Nelson never skips a beat to make his followers loved.
  • Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield recalling the ear-biting in wbcBoxing is a hilarious tweet with many funny comments.

If you want to get into good books, try to participate in each tweet with speculative support and not a blind following.

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