Hottest Events to Attend

Hottest Events to Attend During the Cold U.S. Winter

What comes to mind when you think about the cold weather in the States? Cozy, warm evenings, eggnogs, snow angels, and Christmas trees, right? But that’s your typical winter, isn’t it? That’s something you do every year, but what about discovering something new like a snow sculpting competition? Or go for winter fireworks? With prolonged chilly weather, we think that the best way to enjoy the holidays is to hunt for the best winter events in the country! From light festivals and fun icy games to live music, comedy shows, and winter art exhibitions, countless events are happening across the country which can help you find your own ring to the season. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of hot cocoa, and let’s take a ride through the hottest events in the U.S that you should attend this winter.

  1. Top Live Gabriel Iglesias events:

Laughter is an excellent remedy for kicking out the chills in cold weather. So, what’s better than heading out to a Gabriel Iglesias show? Gabriel or “Fluffy” is the unrivaled king of comedy, and since he is doing his Beyond the Fluffy World tour, how can we miss it? Having a hard time in New York’s unforgivable cold? Get ready to warm yourself with uncontrollable laughter as Gabriel hits Palace Theatre Albany on 21st October. You can find tickets here to all of Gabriel Iglesias’s shows, timings, and venues. So, if you are not into ice carving or shoving snow, then toughen up your bladder because the comedy this season will be epic.

  1. Fur Rendezvous:

What are winter festivities if you don’t put a bit of Alaskan spirit in it? Proudly representing the spirit of Alaskans, the fur Rendezvous winter festival or “Rondy” has entertained people of all ages since 1935. What started as a sports tournament featuring children’s sled dog race, hockey, skiing, and more is now a 12-day festival that people from all around the world attend. The festival offers a hot experience in the cold weather where you can even participate in the World Championship Dog Sled Race. Fur Rendezvous is the self-styled largest winter festival in North America. So, if you want to celebrate the Alaskan spirit this winter, don’t forget to try out the following unique activities.

  • Snowshoe softball
  • Frostbite footrace & costume fun race
  • Fur Rondy serum 25 race
  • Running with the Reindeer
  • Outdoor hockey
  1. Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival:

We can understand how dull the height of the winter can be. That’s why the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club initiated their winter carnival to help residents cope with cabin fever. It is one of the oldest winter carnivals in the region but now has become one of the craziest winter events west of the Mississippi! Not only that, but National Geographic also named the carnival in their list of the Top 10 Winter Carnival in the world in 2012. You can expect street events with horse riders and parades, skiing with flares, snow sculpting, soda pop slalom, and fireworks. You can also witness the celebration of ski culture with a touch of Western flavor. Here’s what you can enjoy in this fantastic winter event:

  • View from home fireworks show
  • Winter carnival exhibits tour
  • Powder tools mid-winter terrain park jam session
  • World pro ski tour
  1. Lollapalooza:

Are you a fan of comedy, music, dancing, and pretty much anything that keeps your vibe going? If that’s a yes, then Lollapalooza is the event for you. The festival is a melting pot of multi-genre events and activities. It is also a platform for political organizations, non-profit artists, visual arts and more. The four-day annual music festival is held in Grand Park in Chicago and is a complete sell-out. The gathering of more than 400,000 people makes Lollapalooza one of the longest-running and largest music festivals in the United States. Feeling excited, right? Squeezed in between thousands of screaming fans, what more can you want for dealing with the cold weather in an entertaining way. This year’s lineup consists of high-profile names like Megan Thee Stallion, Foo Fighters, Marshmello, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, and more.

  1. St. Paul Winter Carnival:

If you are looking for the country’s most prominent and hottest cold-weather festival, then St. Paul Winter Carnival is the place to be. Regarded as one of the oldest festivals as it began back in 1886, the carnival attracts a whopping 350,000 visitors each year! So, don’t miss the nation’s biggest winter party that is jam-packed with exciting activities and events. You won’t find anything as fantastical as the carnival’s royal court and a frozen film festival anywhere else in the country. What’s a winter festival without a heart-burning race? If you are headed to the St. Paul festival, you will likely get involved in one or two races, especially the Fire & Ice Run. Here are a few things you can do at the festival:

  • Snow sculpturing
  • Ice carving competition
  • Touring an ice palace
  • A beer dabbler
  • Winter tri-athalon
  1. The makeup show- NY:

We talked about rock festivals, sledding, racing, and whatnot, but what about the ladies? We know that your inner fashionista is looking to have a grand beauty experience, and this is exactly what the makeup show is all about. Hitting Metropolitan Pavilion in New York from 6th to 7th November, the event will be full of some of the most influential names in the beauty industry. From hands-on classes with international artists to seminars and countless products from over 50 brands, this is the event to attend if you are really into skincare and beauty. Learn the techniques and the latest trends from celebrity makeup artists and take pointers on how to successfully launch a career in the beauty industry. Sounds phenomenal, right? Then what are you waiting for?

  1. Portland Winter Light Festival:

Are you a fan of twinkling lights in the cold weather? Then step right up and head out to Portland to witness the country’s finest winter light festival. Organized by a non-profit arts organization, Willamette Light Brigade, Portland’s annual winter light festival offers interactive exhibits and spectacular light parades. The festival aims to bring light to the cold sky and bring people together to witness something magical. The festival provides an interactive experience by combining technology and light. You can have the time of your life enjoying the lantern parade and get hypnotized by the kinetic fire sculptures located throughout the city. The festival uses LED lights, actual fire, reflection, tungsten lights, and shadows to create its signature light show. Take a look at the highlights of this mesmerizing festival:

  • Live ice craving
  • Illuminated night-time bike ride
  • Illuminated arts installations
  • Dance performances
  • Stories around the fire


The cold weather is the perfect time to get cozy, stay indoors, and enjoy your favorite shows on Netflix. However, if you step outside, you’ll know how many unique events you miss out on. There are countless winter carnivals and festivities spread across the country, offering you an unforgettable experience in the chilly weather. If you love to attend exciting winter events, then take pointers from our above list and enjoy!

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