Why Dedicated Server are preferred over cheap Forex VPS

Why Dedicated Server are preferred over cheap Forex VPS?

Most of the professional traders do their trading from their personal computers. They make use of different kinds of tools and software to support their trading business.

However, they face many difficulties while trading from their workplace. The major issue that all home-traders face is connectivity issue. This is when they look for a reliable source that can provide seamless connectivity.

When it comes to connectivity, there are two options available for traders, a dedicated server and cheap Forex VPS. We all know the benefits of using VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server for Forex Trading. However, many of the traders are completely unaware of the advantages of using Forex Dedicated Server.

Today, we will discuss why dedicated servers are preferred by professional Forex Traders over cheap Forex VPS. If you are into professional trading service, then you must switch to a dedicated server. Before we jump on to the list of its advantages/ benefits, let’s understand the actual meaning of Dedicated Server in Forex Trading first.

Just like web-hosting, a dedicated server for Forex Trading helps you use multiple resources for a smooth trading experience. No matter whether you work on a single computer or have multiple computer systems set up in your office, a dedicated server gives you the best performance to make the most of your trading business.

Of course, a dedicated server comes with all the benefits and features that you get from Forex VPS. However, a dedicated server is there to act as a separate server designed only for you to cater to your trading needs. There will be no bound or any kind of connectivity issues unlike VPS hosting when you switch to a dedicated server.

Moreover, a dedicated server is designed with industry-standard security that protects your data hosted on the server. It also protects all the applications and resources that you use for online trading. The following list of its advantages will give you more information about why professional traders choose Dedicated servers over cheap Forex VPS. Let’s find out the reasons now!

Advantages of using Dedicated Server for Forex Trading 

1. Fast Connections

Dedicated Servers provide faster connectivity speed than VPS. Most Dedicated Servers are connected to 1Gbps or above networking ports to provide faster and reliable connectivity speed with no interruptions.

2. Full Remote Access

The dedicated servers are not physically available as they are managed over the virtual space. You can use the client area to take full control of the dedicated servers. It can be easily managed and controlled by the administrator.

3. Multiple Terminals Support 

Dedicated servers can be managed by multiple users with multiple terminals support. You can add multiple terminals and accounts to maximize your earning through Forex Trading. The more accounts you have, the more benefits you can earn from those accounts by trading on the dedicated server.

4. Advanced Security

Dedicated Servers are preferred by most professionals as they are highly secured. Unlike VPS, dedicated servers are highly protected with top-tier security features. The server protects web-browsing with a built-in Firewall, dedicated IP address, and many other security essentials that come with a dedicated server.

5. Better Storage Options 

VPS providers limited storage for traders to use their data. However, Dedicated Servers provide better options to store your data. Depending on the company you choose for Dedicated Server, you can either go with the Solid State Drive Storage option or can go with the cloud storage option.

Many professionals prefer to choose cloud-storage dedicated servers as they come with an ease of storing data over the cloud with easy access and better management. Users can select the preferred plan from the given options to get things going.

6. Better Compatibility 

Dedicated Servers allow Forex Traders to work with any brokers or EA. You can either trade with a single broker or multiple brokers as per your choice. You don’t need to use a different server for trading with multiple brokers.

7. Trading Ready Environment 

The best thing about Dedicated servers is you will be provided with a trading-ready environment. Since the competition in the market is very high, dedicated server providers for Forex Trading provide an automated trading environment that lets you use machine learning, robots, Autobots, expert advisors which are always available for your help.

8. Knowledge Base 

The knowledge base section will also be provided for new traders to understand the basic concept and different functionalities of the server. You must understand how a dedicated server works for you and how you can maximize your earning using the different functions and features of it.

9. Up to 99.95% uptime 

Most dedicated servers are known for providing better uptime. Almost every dedicated server provider on the web claim to provide guaranteed uptime of over 99.95%. The networks are designed with advanced technology that doesn’t compromise with the speed. The uptime of the server is depending on the plan and package that you choose from the company.

10. Highly Customizable 

Unlike Forex VPS, Dedicated Servers are highly customizable. Traders can customize the server and its behavior as per their needs. VPS can’t be customized as they are managed by third-parties. You have to strictly follow their rules and have to work within their environment. On the other hand, a dedicated server provides full flexibility to manage and customize your server needs.

11. Free Monitoring 

For security purposes, a dedicated server for Forex comes with a free monitoring feature that keeps an eye on the Trading Software that you run on the server. It sends you notifications in real-time whenever a user logs into the account.

These were some of the reasons why every professional trader should switch to a dedicated server over cheap Forex Hosting. The only negative point here is dedicated servers are expensive and for that reason, it is not good for beginner traders who have a limited budget.

If you are into professional Forex Trading, then a dedicated server gives you all the benefits to grow your business and maximize your earning. Search for the Dedicated Server Provider for Online Trading and you will get numerous options from which you can choose the one that suits your needs. Have happy trading!

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