The latest development about corrugated boxes that you must know

The corrugated boxes are the strong boxes that use two kinds of components in their manufacturing, which are the liner and the medium. Liner is a material that is mainly found on the outside of the box and is usually flat, whereas medium is a contributor to the strength of the boxes. These two are attached and make a sturdy package that can withstand a longer duration of shipping. They are customizable and are changed in varying shapes so that the excess weight is cut down and to increase the usability as well. They are printable, recyclable, and sustainable and are available at an affordable rate.

The corrugated boxes are made in different ways and styles. They have varying thickness and are made according to the product’s demand. The thickness of the boxes is adjusted so that the products get the correct size. These boxes have flutes in between the two components, which give them an arched design. These flutes have different categories, all of which have different thickness capabilities. Their boards are also of different types, the most common being single and double wall. These boxes are checked with multiple testing methods, which ensures to get a box that they can easily withstand the pressure and can tolerate the transportation criteria.

Adjusted strength and thickness with flutes

The liner and medium on the corrugated boxes are glued together, which results in ultimate premium sturdy packages. The joining of these two components results in the arched look of the boxes, which is also known as flutes and is a main contributor of strength. The flutes are available in different categories, and each of them has a different strength profile. The most common are A, B, C, E, and F. the A category being the largest of all. The size of the flute determines the strength of the box and also explains the stacking strength. The largest size flute has a thickness of 5mm and is considered best for the products that need extra strength and stability. The rest of the categories have different levels of thickness, with C being 4mm thick, B is 3.2mm, E and F at 1.6mm and 0.8mm, respectively.

Varying types of cardboard

The custom corrugated boxes have an option of varying sizes and types of cardboard. Four types of cardboard that are normally used are single-face, single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall. As their names suggest, the sheets of liner are adjusted in each of the cases. In a single-face board, one sheet of the liner is glued to one sheet of the medium. Single-wall has one sheet of strong medium attached to two sheets of the liner, double-wall has two sheets of medium and three sheets of liner whereas triple-wall has three sheets of strong corrugated medium sheets with four sheets of the liner. This helps determine the correct box for the products. Products that need extra protection can be made with the triple-wall board, and those who need mild protection can be made with a single-wall or single-face board.

Dimensions of the box

The cardboard corrugated boxes are measured in dimensions to get the exact size for the product. The customizable length, width, and depth of these boxes determine their exact size and dimensions. Length is always the longer dimension, which gives the idea about the required materials, whereas the width is shorter and checked through the opening of the box, and the depth determines the height of the box. They are usually measured in flat. The inner dimensions of the box give the idea about the thickness. To find the correct box for the product, it is important to adjust the size of the box. It helps in avoiding the excess shipping cost and also reduces the overall cost of the box.

Certification of the box

The corrugated cardboard boxes are made with the best materials that contribute to the strength of the boxes. They are continuously checked against the standards so that any kind of mishap during its handling can be avoided. Some of the capabilities of the boxes are checked with different testing methods, such as Mullen bursting test, which determines the box’s ability to resist pressure and its capability to protect the store goods. The edge crush test is another assessment technique that determines the compression strength of the box. If the boxes are fully capable of clearing these tests, they are given a certification, which helps the manufacturers to get featured and making a name in the market. The certification of the boxes printed on them also helps in winning the trust of the customer. This also ensured that they are perfect for storing any kind of product.

Digital printing

The printed corrugated boxes are one of their kind. The newest advancements in the packaging industry have enabled the manufacturers to make the best and sturdy packaging that is also appealing to the eyes. The materials used for their manufacturing are printable and can be changed in any kind of design or style. This gives them a unique look, which also helps in gaining a distinct value in the market. The customization of these boxes provides an easy option to turn these boxes into an effective marketing tool. The custom printed boxes are a great way to communicate with customers as they have the option of getting imprinted. The prints are made using the best technologies like digital, screen, or offset. The inks used for printing are also soy-based, which strongly adheres to the box and provide a quality look to the boxes.

Sustainable and affordable

The corrugated custom packaging is made with the best quality materials that are eco-friendly and are environmentally sustainable. They are manufactured with organic and non-synthetic materials that are safe to use and are with the best technology, which is also inexpensive but has the best quality to offer. They are made in different shapes such as slotted boxes, two-piece, folding boxes, or any other shape that is required by the customers. Their quality, along with high printable capabilities, have made new advancements in the packaging industry. The custom options enable us to have different boxes with varying strengths. The type of boards used in their manufacturing also determines the strengths and also gives an idea about its stability and functionality, and also affects the overall cost.

The corrugated boxes are easily decomposed and are made with the finest materials that give them a refined look. They are adjusted in dimensions, sizes, and thickness to provide the best package for the products that also perfectly fit them. They are famously known for their strength and are best to use for packing heavyweight items. They perfectly retain their shape and are considered best for transporting from one place to another.

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