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8 2021 Packaging Trends in the CPG Industry You Need To Know

2020 proved to be a strange year for the consumer packaged goods industry in a lot of ways. As brands seek to grow in 2021, the right packaging can make a big difference. The following are eight trends that will have a big impact on packaging this year.

1. Sustainable Packaging Is A Must

Consumers are more concerned than ever with sustainability. They want to see packaging that can be recycled effectively. They also want to see much less waste. The right, sustainable packaging can help you stand out with high-value consumers.

2. Types of Smart Packaging

Increasingly, smart packaging options are becoming popular. For example, QR code food packaging can help connect your products with your broader brand strategy. There are many things you can do with this, some of which are covered in some of the trends below.

3. Using Packaging for Supply Chain Transparency

Packing can be used to provide useful information about the supply chain. Consumers are interested in knowing whether their products were sourced ethically. This is a great way to provide them with more information.

4. Increasing E-Commerce Focus

2020 proved the importance of a robust e-commerce pipeline. Printed mylar bags can help to generate interest in ordering through your e-commerce platform. For example, you could include a QR code to your website. You could even provide a discount code for online reorders.

5. Requesting Feedback

Engaging with consumers and getting feedback from them can help you to drive brand growth. Printing information for how to send feedback can be a good way to increase reviews and get consumers involved with your service pipeline. Consider offering some special promotions in exchange for engagement.

6. Building Consumer Engagement

Many brands are using packaging to better engage with consumers. This can be something like getting them to participate in an online marketing campaign with rewards. For example, some brands are having their customers share photos with products. Others are getting customers involved in charity initiatives.

7. Establishing Authenticity

A lot of consumers are concerned about the authenticity of products. This is especially true for clothing, expensive packaged goods and other high-ticket items. However, it can be true for anything, especially with the proliferation of low-quality knockoffs sold online. QR codes can be helpful here again, with product information linked online.

8. Getting Retro With Designs

Finally, there is a big retro trend happening across all sorts of design media. You can get involved with this trend using custom printed stand up pouches in a retro style, for example. If your brand has been around for a while, try combining modern packaging with a design that calls back to nostalgic brand imagery.

Invest in Your Product Packaging This Year

Discover more about packaging trends in 2021. With the right technology, you could get more from your CPG packaging. Whether you follow the above-listed trends or forge your own path, you likely could be using your packaging to better engage with your customers. There are lots of opportunities to show that you care about their values. Get started with better packaging now.

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