10 key questions to ask a recruitment software provider

10 key questions to ask a recruitment software provider

Buying a recruitment software system can either be easy or vastly challenging. It depends on how confident one is during the research process. And why is research so important?

There are countless recruiting platforms in the market. The critical thing is to find one that suits the buyer’s business needs. Hence, just because a particular software vendor is popular does not guarantee that their product is fit for every kind of recruitment agency.

Research provides recruiters with the knowledge to make the right choice when it is time to buy the best recruitment software for the agency.

The right kinds of questions are essential in research. These questions can be to gain new information or clear old doubts. That’s why recruiters should ask these 10 vital questions to the software suppliers.

1. How many recruitment agencies use your product?

If the software provider has a large repertoire of clients then recruiters can enquire after the average size of these agencies. If the clients are more on the bigger size but the buyer is a start-up then it is important to question whether the supplier has the expertise to work with new businesses.

2. Does your recruitment CRM work on mobile devices?

Work takes place across any time of the day now. Proactive recruiters do not want to be limited to their office desk. That is why having a CRM software that extends its services to mobile apps is a tremendous advantage. Now it is easy to look at reports, check new CVs, send skills test results – all on the software’s mobile app.

3. Do you offer a live demo?

Product demos are offered by almost all major software providers. It is a great way to see the system in action. Recruiters must take this opportunity to observe how the features work. Having a colleague sit in on the live demo is helpful as they can exchange notes and make a sound decision together.

4. How often do you build new features and release system updates?

It’s important to have a tech partner that is committed to improving its services. A recruitment software supplier that listens to clients and builds new features and system updates is valuable. This reflects the supplier’s interest in providing the latest and the best developments for the customers.

5. What sets your recruitment CRM apart from other systems?

Just like shopping for any other product, it is critical to ask the suppliers if their product has any distinctive features. After talking to a few suppliers and seeing the live product demos, it becomes simpler to make a final decision about the best recruitment software for the agency.

6. Are there any set-up fees?

Checking to see if there are any additional costs is always prudent. This is especially relevant for start-ups who might not want to spend more than a certain amount. Talking to the salesperson, right at the outset, about all such important details is a requisite.

7. How long does it take to get recruiters up to speed?

A good recruitment software system should be easy to use. It should not just have excellent features but a user-friendly navigating system. Recruiters should find the software’s functionality easy and convenient.

8. Do you offer free training for new members?

Training is essential for new users. Only recruiters cannot be expected to teach their colleagues how to use the software. Getting the right training from the software experts is very critical. Examine if this is one of the services they offer their clients.

9. Do I maintain full ownership of my data?

Recruitment agencies deal with thousands of candidates. Data is extremely valuable in today’s time and also subject to sensitivity. The ideal CRM software provider should maintain data security religiously. And they should make handing over data a stress-free process.

10. Do you have a good customer support system?

Often, agencies only consider the quality of customer care when they are in the midst of a crisis. Then if they are unfortunate, they might have to suffer from poor client support and they begin to rue not making customer support a priority. Check that the recruitment software provider has a reliable reputation for customer care. A technical glitch can cause a huge bother to the recruiter’s workday.

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