The Most Common Questions Regarding CBD Cigarettes

CBD Cigarettes: What Are They? 

CBD cigarettes (also known as hemp cigarettes) are extremely similar to tobacco cigarettes. However, there is one significant difference: CBD cigarettes contain only CBD hemp, not tobacco. CBD has been discovered to have a variety of fascinating physiological effects in humans, and it is now used in the best CBD cigarette brands all across the country!

CBD cigarettes are a great substitute for marijuana or tobacco. If you’re interested in a new alternative to smoking but not interested in smoking nicotine, CBD cigarettes might be for you!

CBD cigarettes will not get you high like THC or marijuana. CBD is only 0.3% inside the cigarette, which means that you will feel nothing in there without the psychoactive effect. It’s quite similar to drinking a cup of coffee as its stimulating effects are felt within 10 to 15 minutes, but without the jitters.

A CBD-infused natural cigarette that contains less than 0.3% THC. This means they aren’t psychoactive and have no “high” effect.

What’s the Difference Between CBD Cigarettes and Normal Cigarettes?

A cigarette-like product that’s perfect for cigarettes smokers, CBD cigarettes are filled with CBD. So, if you’re looking for a great substitute cigarette – one that’s more healthy – then CBD cigarettes are just the thing. Aside from the little things like being tobacco-free and not having any nicotine, CBD cigarettes also feature a smoother inhale, so you can still get the sensation you enjoy of smoking without actually smoking anything.

Inside of every hemp cigarette is natural ingredients, like terpenes which assist give flavor and aromatic aspects to the cig, enhancing your whole smoking experience. It’s a more enjoyable smoking experience when you can enjoy the mix of flavors and properties that terpenes bring to your cigarette.

CBD cigarettes are made for enjoying. As you smoke a CBD cigarette, you’ll find that terpenes are inside of each and every hemp cigarette from the Hempzilla CBD. The authentic terpenes add flavor and aromatic properties to the smoking experience, which causes the mixture to produce flavorful properties that you’ll enjoy as you smoke a CBD cigarette.

Non-habit Forming

Hemp cigarettes are just what they sound like – cigarettes that contain CBD. While regular cigarettes contain nicotine, CBD cigarettes only have natural products that are completely safe for you to consume. They’re a great substitute for smoking a regular cigarette because you don’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals inside of them.


Now that you can switch to smoking CBD cigarettes, there’s really no reason to stay with your regular tobacco brand anymore. If you’re the type of person who smokes several cigarettes in a day, it means you are only addicted to nicotine. Since CBD isn’t addictive, you won’t be addicted to smoking this either. This means when you want to stop smoking, you can stop. You’ve got more control over how much you smoke, and therefore, save a lot more money each month.

Why Don’t CBD Cigarettes Get You High?

CBD cigarettes don’t get you high. That shouldn’t be a foreign concept to anyone who’s smoked marijuana before, but not everyone is aware of it when they’re first introduced to CBD cigarettes. Unlike the standard strains of marijuana, which contain both THC and CBD (the psychoactive component), these flowers only contain CBD, so you won’t feel the euphoric high that recreational smokers tend to seek.

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