Combat Anxiety

The Most Effective Ways To Combat Anxiety

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that your mental health isn’t what it should. We all struggle sometimes, especially in the isolated and worrisome world we’re currently living in. Feeling overly anxious is completely and utterly normal, so it’s always best if you reach out for help, that way you can finally start to make the improvements to your life that you need.

There’s endless ways you can start to combat your overwhelming feelings of anxiety, so here’s a list of what we think are the most simple yet effective methods you can easily try out at home that’ll help ease your worries and calm your nerves.

Use CBD Oil

CBD (Cannabidiol) has a wide variety of uses in today’s very modern world, and one use is to treat anxiety. As one of the many psychoactive cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, studies show that CBD can significantly help regulate anxiety-induced behaviors and elevate nervous symptoms. CBD Oil is the most popular form of CBD-intake, and if you’re in any doubts, do some research on what CBD Oil exactly is to consider whether it may be for you.

Exercise daily

Exercise will always be the number one method of improving both your physical and mental health. Engaging in some form of physical activity every day can work wonders on releasing the nervous tension built up in your body, and the more you work off this nervous energy, the better your mind will feel. Exercise also helps release endorphins such as serotonin, so next time you’re feeling particularly anxious, get your body moving, whether it’s a sport you love to play or simply a home workout.

Step outside your comfort zone

People tend to feel most anxious when they are nervous about something they fear. Whether it’s a work presentation or an airplane flight, irrational fears and worries of events and experiences can seem overwhelming and hard to combat. If you often avoid certain new things, it’s important you always step out of your comfort zone and teach your mind that there’s actually nothing to worry about. If you overcome your biggest fears, you’ll feel more confident in tackling the next obstacle that comes your way.

Meditate when you can

Meditating daily is easier said than done. It often takes a while to fully engage in the art of meditation, so keep practicing often and you’ll soon start to feel the benefits. A calming 10 minutes can significantly help bring your anxious mind and body back into the present moment, rather than forward-thinking about the future. A quiet safe space in your home is the best environment to meditate.

Cut out the caffeine

If you’re the type of morning person who reaches for the coffee mug as soon as they wake up, consider changing your morning routine so it doesn’t include a caffeinated drink. Caffeine is commonly known to exacerbate your anxiety and nerves throughout the day, so opt for an alternative beverage like herbal tea. This switch-up might be what you need to reduce the physical signs of anxiety such as shaky hands, an elevated heartbeat, and that uneasy feeling in your stomach.

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