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The Norms Of Brands For Setting Leather Jacket Rates

The winter markets are filled with a wide variety of leather jackets. It is difficult for customers to understand the mechanism for setting their prices. It is a story involving the negotiations between wholesalers and retailers. These two business links are mediators of marketing where the retailers or shopkeepers are the agencies targeting the audience as the final consumer. The brands set rates for the wholesalers, and finally, the retailers bring the items to the buyers.

The elegant realm of leather jackets has some standards for fixing their prices in the retail markets. We can have these standards as proof of the quality of the leather used in manufacture.

How Is The Price Of A Leather Jacket Decided?

There is a difference between leather jackets’ prices based on their quality and manufacturing effort describing their worth. For example, a single leather blazer men can cost you between $300 to $500 depending on its quality and the labor involved.

Here are the standards for setting the prices of leather jackets by their brands.

Originality Of Leather:

There are two types of leather:

  1. Real Leather
  2. PU leather

Genuine leather is obtained from animal skins called hides like goat skin, horse skin or cow skin, etc., where the originality keeps the standard of the leather jackets. On the other hand, PU leather jackets are manufactured by processing small pieces of genuine leather and are chemically synthesized. PU leather jackets look similar to the real ones, but their quality and durability significantly differ. The PU leather looks plasticky and cracks on overuse.

The average price of a genuine cowhide leather jacket may be high due to its long life of up to 10 years approximately. The PU leather does not last long and perishes within 3 to 4 years of use. The colder regions of the world need the facility of leather jackets throughout the year; therefore, buying them again and again is not wise. The high price of genuine leather speaks for its durability, whereas chemically synthesized PU leather has low rates because of its short life and improper appearance.

Toil For Manufacture:

The genuine leather jacket takes a week its manufacture by the toiled hands of artisans. Therefore it adds to the jacket’s price to introduce value to its quality. The original leather jackets for men are always handmade and need appropriate and careful stitching every moment. So, the artisans’ labor deserves high wages, making these jackets pricey. But remember that never go for quantity but quality for the sake of your future investment.

Inner lining:

The jacket’s inner lining may be thin or thick, but the thicker one lasts for a long. So, leather jackets with thick inner lining provide extra body insulation and durability for a long and are thus set at high rates. The shearling lining jackets offer added warmth and are, therefore, more costly than those with thin linings. The thin-lining jackets are short-lived and unsuitable for buying in icy conditions because they do not benefit you with proper warmth.

Extra Definitions:

Some extra definitions like contour, embroidery, handmade paint designs, or some graphical presentations of leather jackets raise the price level. These techniques need spare time and toil, so the careful hands making such masterpieces need their reward. So, the brands charge different prices for such embellished jackets.


Leather jackets have different styles to impart a fashionable look to your body. Your body loves winter’s warmth, and it is a great idea to combine it with a luxurious style. There are many stylish leather jackets like bombers, bikers, skulls, and even film wear jackets for actors. The kind of a particular jacket defines its preparation hardships, and the more it would be stylish, the more charges are applied. A brown leather blazer is a multipurpose outfit bought for about $350 to $600. Its casual appearance allows you to survive in winter fashion.

Source Of Leather:

The leather source is vital for setting its price. The most expensive and heavy leather source is cowhide. Then the value of a lighter lamb skin comes. The cowhide leather-based jackets are costly because they last longer and are extra warm. The second choice is that lamb skin leather is more lightweight and manageable for wearing, but it also insulates the body like cowhide leather. Cowhide leather jackets are worn in countries with intense winters, like Nordic regions and the Antarctic ones. So, the lamb skin leather jacket benefits people living in places with an average winter because of its lightness and suitable warmth. It is the most leather source type for a perfect style in winter.

A Name Of Trust:

There is a name of trust in the leather jackets world: Leatheriza Affinity. It is a US-based brand becoming popular worldwide for its original quality and honesty. There are average prices set as compared to other costly brands of jackets. The online purchase facility and the free customization ability become a plus to the brand identity. So, visit Leatheriza for your best choice for the winter season at an affordable price. This brand will never dodge you as their skillful artisans’ honest and dedicated hands leave no stone unturned in stitching and polishing the prepared item.


The overall discussion informs you about the secrets behind leather jackets’ high or low prices. The more the quality and durability, the more will be the price. Ethical brands justify their source, preparation method, and styling techniques while setting prices. It is reflected in the product’s appearance and can be analyzed if judged wisely. Low or high prices should not trap you but believe in the qualitative worth of leather, the best of all fabrics. Believe in your judgment whether the set price justifies the quality or not; otherwise, do not go for a waste of money.

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