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The steps you should follow while maintaining a Laguiole knife

Laguiole knife is a high-quality traditional french Occitan pocket knife, produced in the city “Thiers” also known as the city of knives, the material required to make a knife comes from a village named Laguiole.

Laguiole knives are made throughout the globe, which makes them a little bit inexpensive, so the quality differs. Laguiole made in France is a quality handcraft tool, and it requires maintenance to keep its original shine.

Some facts about the Laguiole knife

Laguiole knife origin is in Andalusian Spain, Spanish expeditionary force to northern Europe used to keep pocket knife “Navaja”, back then legendary knife that has been made in the town Laguiole since 1801. Since then, Laguiole has been a piece of beauty that can be used safely even by non-professionals.

How can you maintain a Laguiole knife safely at your home?

Do not try to wash the blade, hold your knife in tap water, rub the blade with a wet cloth, and don’t put it in the dishwasher.

Does not use wash detergent to wash the blade of a knife.

Maintain the edge of the blade

The most essential part of the knife is the blade – you should handle it with care. How to sharpen the knife? It requires the proper toolkit and equipment besides that delicate touch to steer clear of any damage to its blade shaft.

Maintenance of the body metal of the Laguiole knife

Generally, contact between leather sheath and brass oxidizes the metal, and black tan appears on the body, but there is no need to worry about it as it happens due to the proximity of leather sheath and brass. By applying mental lubricant and gentle makeover by Damascus paper, removal of oxidation is possible.

Storage of Laguiole and its maintenance

Contact with hard material can cause damage to Laguiole’s handle and metal body. Storing or keeping it with keys, coins, and other knives will make constant friction to its metal body dampen the shine. It is not advisable to put a Laguiole knife in wooden, metal drawers or pockets of trousers; it will twist and damage the handle of Laguiole.

It is recommended to store a knife in a velvet case or soft leather case. If the knife is not in use for several months, should remove it from the leather case. Otherwise, it will oxidize its body.

Extra caution for folding Laguiole knife

When it comes to Folding the Laguiole knife, you need to take extra care of it. Folding Laguiole has different ways to maintain. It becomes difficult to open and close the blade shaft, and there is a greater risk of rusting. Drops of Machine oil in between the blade and metal axis, open and close it two to four times, and wipe out extra oil on the blade.


Any Laguiole knife can be repaired over time, whether it is old or new. An appropriate mechanism is required to maintain the Laguiole knife. So follow all the steps mentioned in this article and maintain Laguiole knife for a longer period.

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