Baby Shower Gifts

The Ultimate List of Baby Shower Gifts

Most babies are brought into the world in late summer and early fall months. And since most baby showers are held around the 7th month of pregnancy, you might find your inbox flooded with e-vites for baby showers soon! It’s good to plan ahead so you won’t be scrambling for gifts at the last moment. After all, baby showers are the time to honor not only the parents but the new baby as well, and help them feel part of the family and the community.

Newborn Side Snap Shirts: This Gerber Baby 2 Pack includes two long sleeved, mitten cuff shirts that snuggle baby with easy side snaps. Made of 100% cotton the mittens help prevent baby from scratching their face with their growing nails. The side snaps won’t easily come undone, and don’t get in the way of baby crawling or when they play on their back.

Wooden Name Puzzle: Put some added color into baby’s room with these wooden puzzles. A different color for every letter, baby will learn letter recognition as well as fine motor skills, spelling skills, and have fun while doing it! This makes a great baby shower gift that will grow with the child over the next few years.

Baby Stroller Organizer: The Ethan & Emma Universal Stroller Organizer is perfect for busy moms on the go! It comes complete with a place to store diapers, your choice of many pockets to house a cell phone, a place for cups, sippy cups, bottles, keys, books, and pretty much everything under the sun that you’ll need for a stroll through the park or kid’s museum.

Visa Gift Card: A gift that the new parents are sure to appreciate is a Visa gift card. Choose any denomination you like and upload a sweet photo to help commemorate this time. You can also have text printed on the front that reads, “Congratulations!” or “Welcome, Baby!” A Visa gift card is safe and secure, and can be used at thousands of retailers all over the globe.

Baby Bottle Warmer: A luxury for both parent and baby, a fast baby bottle warmer is a blessing for those early hour feedings. The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer has smart temperature control and automatic shutoff. It will warm 5 oz. of milk in a mere 3 minutes, with even heating so there are no hot or cold spots. Works best with Philips Avent bottles, so why not add a couple of those into the gift as well!

Play Yard: The Delta Children’s Play Yard is jungle themed with adorable translucent animals on each side. It’s recommended for kids before they are able to climb out of the play yard, and includes a mattress and carrying bag. This gift is a lifesaver for parents whenever they travel and even at home for when baby/toddler needs a little time to themselves.

Door Cushion: It’s likely that the new parents won’t have any idea that this is a gift they actually need. Help them eliminate sleepless and seemingly endless nights with the door cushion. This allows parents to easily come and go from the baby’s room quietly and without interrupting the sleeping child.

Baby Milestone Monthly Blanket: What parent doesn’t want to commemorate every passing month within the first year? It’s such a special time with so much growth at every stage. The Baby Milestone Monthly blanket is soft and cushy, and provides space for baby to lie next to elegant numbers that can be encircled with a wooden ring to denote the appropriate age. Easy enough to clean so it can also be used as an everyday play mat!

SoapSox Children’s Bath Toy: These cute bath toys are available in more than a dozen different animals including a shark, alligator, frog and ray. They have finger pockets that help parents make bath time fun time with easy sudsing, scrubbing, and even a small opening to fill with liquid or bar soap. Great for babies, toddlers, and virtually anyone with a childlike spirit!

Baby Shusher Sound Machine: There’s a reason why moms and dads coo to their babies. The soft gentleness of the human voice is soothing. The Baby Shusher Sound Machine emulates the human voice in rhythmic tones, making it easier to help get – and keep – baby sleeping. There are 15 and 30 minute timer settings, adjustable volume controls, and is portable so you won’t have to worry about getting baby to sleep in a foreign environment.

Attending a baby shower is fun, and it’s an honor to be included in the brand new world that the parents are creating. Choosing the best gift that fits their needs is the first step toward supporting the family as a whole.



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