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As an English speaker you must be thinking that you can travel all around the world with the same privilege as in your homeland. But English is not spoken everywhere. Perhaps there are some destinations around the world where you won’t be able to communicate with others just because they do not speak English. Some of these destinations include China, Korea, Russia, Bhutan etc.  When it comes to the list of widely spoken languages with respect to native speakers, Mandarin is on the top with 918 million native speakers. Spanish is native language of 460 million individuals while English stands after these two with 379 million native speakers. For the best travel experiences do consider learning a local language or try to build essential travel vocabulary before planning your trip abroad with FunEasyLearn which is the best vocabulary app offering 34 free language courses to choose from. The app contains topics related to travel to help travelers in effective communication related to transportation, tourist attractions, restaurants, culture and much more.

Benefits of learning a local language as a traveler

For an individual who has a keen desire to explore new places, learning a local language and building travel vocabulary will bring most out of his travel. Learning Spanish, French, Japanese,Swedish is relatively easy for English speakers. Learning one of the above or other languages of your choice will make your trip more flexible and enjoyable. You don’t have to master the language if it is going to be a short trip, but you should be able to read enough signs to keep yourself out of danger and the wrong washroom. Some advantages of being able to understand local languages are listed below.

Chat with locals:

Imagine you are traveling to China and you need to spend some time with locals but what if you don;t know even a single phrase in Mandarin ? Of course the experience won;t be a great one. But if you are fluent in Mandarin then you will be able to make new friends and communicate with them in a better way because people speaking the same language can understand each other well leading to a better interaction.


After landing what will be thes first thing you will look for ? Perhaps the taxi to take you at your hotel or wherever you are planning to stay. To do this in an effective way you will have to communicate in the native language of the country you are in. Going from point A to B through buses, trains or even taxis will be a regular part of your life. You might find it easier in the big cities where you can come across some people speaking in English but when you are in a local town it is very hard to hear a word or two in your language. Here your life will be easier if you are able to speak the local language.

Explore culture;

Two main reasons for traveling are to explore the history and culture of different parts of the world. History and culture are associated with the native language of the region. Hence in order to better understand these two things, you will have to first learn the language and this will surely be the best experience you will ever come across. People will be much appreciative of the fact that you make the effort to learn their language and they will treat you better, be more tolerant of your ignorance, and strive to be more helpful to you.

Medical help;

Getting ill during your travels could be a terrifying thing but it is most likely to happen. If you go to the pharmacy and point your finger asking for flu or cold pills and you get a reply from the pharmacist ”YA ne mogu ponyat’ chto ty ishches” ( I can’t understand what you are looking for ). Here being able to speak the local language can help you in saving your life.

Learn a new language with FunEasyLearn free language App

Keeping in mind the extensive benefits of knowing a bit of local languages while traveling must have motivated you to take a step ahead and learn a new language. There are certain ways to learn languages like reading books, hiring a tutor, going to language school etc.  All these methods will work only if you have plenty of spare time each day. But with FunEasyLearn you are not time restricted as it is up to you to choose the best suitable time to learn. The best features of this app are listed below.

  • Easy to use for all age groups.
  • 34 language courses with adaptable prices and free subscription option.
  • 62 native languages to facilitate learning.
  • Suitable for B2C and B2B clients.
  • Vocabulary builder with thousands of words and sentences.
  • Lucrative learning is powered with 30+ games, 17,000 illustrations and 300,000 studio recorded audios.
  • Biggest course content and language coverage.
  • Courses designed by industry experts including academic authors and professional linguists.
  • Multiple topic choices as per user’s interest including topics related to tourism to help travelers communicate in a better way in their daily travel activities.
  • Can be used offline right after installing the app.
  • Based on the cornerstone principle of Lexical Approach.
  • Available on Android and iOS.

The app is a gold mine for language learning enthusiasts. All the features are specifically designed to support learners of all kinds. FunEasyLearn has also won Huawei HMS 2020 App Innovation Contest and 2021 Russia and CIS Edtech 100 awards. Download this app or explore the courses on the main website and make your future travels more exciting.

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