The Wooden Flower: A Complete Guide to Long-Lasting Beauty

Did you know that the American floral industry is worth about $5 billion?

This staggering number may sound like a good thing- expressing love and giving gifts is always kind. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t the only impact of buying and selling flowers. The industry isn’t sustainable and cut flowers die quickly.

Using wooden flower alternatives is the best way to get all of the benefits with none of the costs. Read on to learn about sola flowers, their advantages, and their uses.

What Is a Sola Wooden Flower?

Sola wood, also sometimes referred to as ‘shola,’ is a type of wood made from a plant called Aeschynomene Aspera. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s in no way related to tapioca. Instead, it comes from a bamboo-like plant that grows in marshy areas.

The plant has a layer of bark that covers a cork-like interior. The bark is what’s used to make sola flowers. The plant is stripped down and the center is made into thin sheets before being hand-cut.

The flower maker then manually manipulates the thin wood into floral shapes. This ensures that each synthetic flower is one-of-a-kind and looks just like the real thing.

What Are Their Benefits?

The first benefit of sola wood flowers is sustainability. While cutting real flowers from the ground kills them and therefore removes part of a natural ecosystem, this isn’t the case for sola wood.

The sola plant doesn’t just give you one of the lightest woods in the world but is also a quickly-growing renewable resource. When you cut it down to make sola flowers, you’re greatly minimizing your carbon footprint. There are no environmental harms when sourcing sola wood.

Another reason to choose sola flowers for any application is that they’re long-lasting. Real flowers die within a week of being picked and tend to begin shriveling after only a couple of days. They’ll quickly become an eyesore, which is problematic for DIY decorators and blushing brides alike.

Sola flowers are intended to last for a lifetime. Because they’re not alive when inserted into a flowerpot or bouquet, they can’t wither and die. You’ll be able to take your favorite bouquet out of a box decades later to remember a happy event.

Because of this, sola wood flowers are also cheaper than fresh-cut alternatives. You pay less upfront and don’t need to purchase replacements in the future. Sola wood flowers can remain on your mantle or as commercial table centerpieces for years without needing an expensive replacement.

Are They Good for Bouquets?

The long-lasting nature of sola wood flowers makes them ideal for bouquets. This is especially true for wedding bouquets since they make for a lifelong keepsake. In fact, because sola flowers last forever if well-maintained, your children may one day give them to your grandkids for use at their own wedding!

Another reason that sola flowers are ideal for bouquets is that you can create an arrangement that meets your precise vision. Rather than relying on a professional florist to arrange your bouquet just so, you’ll be putting it together on your own. This gives you complete control over the aesthetic.

Building your own bouquet is also a lot of fun because you get to work with loved ones on the arrangement. At weddings, this will likely be a good time with bridesmaids or with your mother. You can also create arrangements for family events or corporate ones with those around you.

Long-lasting flower alternatives also mean that you can create a bouquet weeks before the event. You don’t need to stress about imperfections at the last minute.

When Can You Use Sola Flowers?

In addition to bridal bouquets, you can use sola flowers pretty much anywhere! They’re perfect for table centerpieces and decor around the home or office. Using flowers of the same color in different areas of the room is a great way to draw any space together.

Sola flowers can also be a fashion statement. If you like to DIY your clothes and want to add an interesting accessory, sewing tiny sola flowers onto the sleeves is a great idea. Many women also use them as hair accessories or stick them onto a favorite pair of flats.

You can also use sola flowers with any color scheme. The best retailers sell sola wood blooms in white and allow you to dye them any color that you like. This allows for limitless possibilities in the arrangements that you make.

What Options Are Available?

Just as there are hundreds of flower types out there, there are a wide variety of sola flowers for DIY enthusiasts and event planners. Sola wood flowers are made to look like the real thing, so you can select from many similar options to those found in a cut bouquet.

You can purchase wooden long roses, garden roses, eclipses, daisies, and more in bulk. Check out for some specific options that you can choose from.

Whether you want thistle, sunflowers, or carnations, they have your back. You can also purchase bouquet filler like faux baby’s breath to complete any arrangement.

Beyond Sustainable Flower Alternatives

While there are tons of options for bridal bouquets, special events, and at-home decor, sola flowers are the best choice. They’re gorgeous and are made to last a lifetime.

Now that you know why using wooden flower alternatives is beneficial for all occasions, it’s time to learn more. Check out the ‘home improvements’ tab on our home page for some ideas on how you can decorate your home to accentuate sola wood flowers.


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