Compensation After a Car Accident

These 6 Tips Will Help You Preserve Your Rights to Compensation After a Car Accident

Preserving your legal rights and being fully aware of the steps to take after a car accident is extremely crucial. The first thing you should know is that it’s your right to be compensated for all the damages and injuries when you are involved in an incident due to others’ negligence and recklessness. There are major aspects that you should understand if you decide to file a claim after your accident. Persistence, documentation, and hiring an experienced injury attorney are the right channels to work through to reach the insurance settlement that you deserve. Here are 6 tips that will help you preserve your rights to compensation after a car accident.

1.  Call the Cops

In order to protect all your rights after a car accident, you need to call the authorities. Calling for an emergency is the best way for law enforcement to reach you immediately, and also to make sure that your case is fully documented and recorded by the police. Road accidents have caused many disputes in a lot of cases, so the best thing to ensure well-deserved compensation and medical care is through documenting your case and following all the regulations of your state. However, your very first action should be checking on everyone involved in the accident, including yourself.

2.  Get Immediate Medical Care

Even if your injuries seem superficial or trivial at the time of an accident, seeking immediate medical care is not negotiable. The impact of hidden injuries can turn out to be more serious in the long run. Document all the medical records, doctor’s reports, medical bills, and days of absence from work caused due to your injury. These are all very crucial evidence of your injuries and the financial burdens you have to endure as a consequence of your accident. If you decide to file a claim, doctor’s reports and medical costs are the fundamental documents needed to strengthen your compensation claim.

3.  Remain Silent

After an accident, things tend to be vague and unclear at the beginning, and it is not wise to admit any fault or say anything until the whole situation is clear enough to know who is to be blamed. Any guilt or fault is only determined by the court, not through others’ assumptions and perceptions. It does not mean that you should lie when asked any questions by the police, all you have to say is what happened without any speculation from your side about any actions that could’ve been done differently. You need to be aware that after an accident, chances that you’re not thinking clearly and distracted are likely to happen, so keep your answers short and direct.

4.  Hire an Experienced Attorney

Hiring a representative that has experience in dealing with such incidents and negotiating with insurers is of great importance. There are specific legislation and laws for every state that you might not be aware of, therefore, it’s always better for an experienced attorney to handle your case. Accidents and injuries happen when you least expect them, a Ladera Ranch car accident attorney recommends that car accident victims should focus on getting the right treatment for their physical and psychological injuries. A good lawyer will investigate the causes of the car crash and will be able to determine who the responsible party is. They’re also capable of managing your claim in your best interest.

5.  Document Evidence

If you’re able to take photographs of the accident scene, it will greatly help in documenting the whole incident and preserving evidence for later. You can simply use your cell phone’s camera to capture pictures that will be documented by date and are easily reached when needed. Take photos of the injuries, property damages, and the whole accident scene. Photos may show that there are signs of road elements that contributed to the accident. If there are witnesses who were able to record a video of the incident while it happened, ask them to send it to you for extra documentation.

6.  Get Estimated Repair Details for Your Damaged Property

After seeking medical help and collecting evidence and gathering all the needed reports, you should also get an estimated damage report for your vehicle. Getting more than one estimate for your car damage will strengthen your case since most of the insurance adjusters are going to ask for an independent inspection to estimate the damages of your vehicle. Having reports of the needed repairs and estimated costs associated with your vehicle damages is going to support your argument with the insurance company.

After getting involved in a car accident that results in injuries and property damage, things can get really overwhelming. Seeking medical help should be your top priority to maintain your health and ensure that you’re getting the best treatment. It is also recommended to hire an injury attorney to negotiate with insurers and collect evidence to determine the causes of the accident. Make sure you follow all the needed steps to preserve your legal rights.

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