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Things you should know about flat tyres!

  1. Flat tyres can be your biggest nightmare! But often you aren’t very aware of this incident that happens to your car. And being ignorant about this issue can often cost you your life and car. That is why reading this post is very necessary if you want to stay safe. Your ag tires shouldn’t be an issue in your smooth ride.

Ø  Everything you should know about flat tyres!

A flat tyre doesn’t happen with a warning. Mostly, your tyre shows this issue suddenly while you’re driving. It may come in contact with a sharp object that often leads to a hole or a puncture in the tyre (which leads to a flat tyre in sometime). And you need to follow some precautions and keep certain tips in mind when you face with such an issue:  

o   How far can you drive with a flat tyre? — Experts suggest, you need to stop the car immediately as you realise that your tyre has gone flat! Because if you’re driving with such a tyre, it wears them and you have to replace it with a new one from one of the tyre shops in Manukau like Best New Tyre. They have several kinds of tyres suitable for all kinds of vehicles in the best quality and at competitive rates. We would also suggest you to not to speed up the car in case you are facing flat tyres. Because this will not only wear them but will also cause a huge accident.

o   A flat tyre does not always mean new tyre — If you are under an illusion that if you have got a flat tyre you have to change it with a new one, then you are highly mistaken. A flat tyre doesn’t always mean a replacement. Sometimes tyres can be easily repairable, and you just have to take it to an expert in order to get an instant solution for the same.

o   Never pullover suddenly — Sometimes as soon as you realise that your tyres have gone flat, you tend to press the brakes suddenly and pullover immediately. This is not at all recommended. Especially if you are driving at a very high speed. This can lead the car to roll down and cause a big accident. Always slow down a bit and then get on a side and then stop the vehicle.

o   A flat tyre can be avoided — If you are regularly checking the air pressure of your tyres before going on a drive, then this problem is unlikely to occur. Sometimes even when your car is parked, it gets punctured and flat. If you have a habit of checking its air pressure regularly, then you don’t have to face any issues in this realm while you are driving the vehicle.

Remember, a flat tyre does not only damage your wheels, but it can risk your life as well. So, you have to be very sure that your tyres are safe while you are driving, and also keep them regularly maintained. 

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