Are you wondering which is the most suitable color for your living room walls by analyzing design trends and personal tastes? Here you will probably find the right source of inspiration. This article will show you the 5 innovative painting ideas dedicated to various colors and combinations that will give character, personality, and homely warmth to your living room.


So get ready to discover and admire innovative painting ideas that will show you the best use of colors and coatings on the walls for the living area.

1- Warm colors for a welcoming living room

Neutral colors are an option for the living room, especially if it is an open space to other house areas. Choosing the best paint color is a matter of style: warm tones tend to be welcoming, while cool tones create a sleek, modern vibe; making combinations with light or even white tones makes it possible to highlight the furniture and paintings in the room.

Gray is a shade of light gray, a relaxed but welcoming color. With a light gray wall, you can be daring in the colors of the accessories, just like for a white wall. In this case, the living room is furnished with a milky white stained parquet floor covering, covered with a white short-pile carpet with abstract shapes. When the colors for the walls are light, you can choose a colored upholstered sofa; bottle green or midnight blue. To this, you can add modern furniture full of minimalist and linear accessories. A white and gold lamp can illuminate the industrial-style steel bedside table with style.

2- Create a color contrast for a bold and chic living room

If you want a dramatic design using a bold color but don’t want the tone to overwhelm your space, paint just one wall. Pick a wall in the room that makes sense as a focal point, then select a color that can tie into the overall space with fabrics, rugs, and accessories.

3- Create a balance of the light and the color

To help you choose the most comfortable color, take the temperature of your room: cool colors counteract natural light, but rooms that are not as exposed to sunlight can become cozier wrapped in a warm color. Thanks to maler collection of ideas dedicated to the colors of the living room walls, you will be able to find out in a practical way which shade best suits your needs without forgetting the various combinations with furnishings and accessories and keeping in mind what style you have chosen, modern, classic, vintage or industrial.

4- Vintage living room wall colors in mint green and dark wood parquet

The living room in green was the 2020 trend; many settings are also in the new 2021 catalog for the living room. A green living room can be combined with a warm and elegant dark chestnut parquet floor with a regular or herringbone pattern for a more eclectic effect. It is not advisable to cover all the green walls, rather just one, perhaps the one where the sofa rests. White doors and black and white furnishing accessories will create a scenic contrast of classic design. The brown leather sofa and retro pillows are that wholly original vintage touch.

5- Pink, white and gray colors for the walls of the contemporary living room

This stay is spectacular, simple but with attention to every centimeter. The combination of these 3 wall colors is a winner. The pastel pink (of the wall where the sofa rests) brings out the gray and white walls. Some natural wood frames have been inserted on the gray wall, with visible veins, on which vintage frames and accessories such as candles and stars have been placed. The floor covering is light faux stoneware, between cream and dove gray to match the same skirting board. The interior door is a gem. A sliding door with black stained glass is perfect in this contemporary living room. Black table and chairs, in line with black steel accessories (like the vase of a super modern design). Plants, wicker baskets, and a white fur rug complete the chic decor.


The living room is a place with countless memories and moments of peace, comfort, and relaxation. The perfect paint color for this place is the one that can create the ideal atmosphere for you.

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