Think Like a Thief: Choosing a Secure Front Door Lock

The lock for your front door is the first line of defense against thieves who would break into your home. A sturdy lock can frustrate and potentially stop their advance. A cheap lock is easily broken into and often proves no better than an open door.

The best front door locks are difficult to access by strangers, easily unlocked by their owners, and stylish. There are also locks with special features that offer more than a barred entryway, such as cameras and motion sensors.

Here’s how to choose a front door lock that’ll hold up to most, if not all, break-in attempts.

Ways to Bypass a Lock

Before you choose a front door lock, consider the different ways a stranger could break into it.

Most front door handles and locks utilize a spring mechanism. However, spring locks are easily broken into with a credit card. All someone has to do is force it between the lock and the frame, bend it back, and the door unlocks.

You can’t force open deadbolt locks the same way. The way burglars bypass deadbolts is with two bobby pins. Together, the two pins moved in tandem, can set the pins and cause the deadbolt to unlock.

How to Choose a Front Door Lock

Front door locks come in a variety of grades and types. ANSI/BHMA rated locks have passed the American National Standards Institute security standards.

Grade 3 locks provide basic security. Grade 2 locks are more difficult to pick. Grade 1 locks provide the most security and are bump-proof.

Most doorknobs come with a basic lock as part of their construction. To make your home more secure, invest in an extra lock, such as a deadbolt. Even though you’ll need to carry an extra key, you can sleep well knowing that the potential burglar’s job has been made a little bit more difficult.

Speak to your local locksmith to learn more about your options.

Keyless vs Keyed Lock

Nowadays, a home’s front door lock comes in keyless options, as well as the traditional keyed ones. A keyless entry lock uses magnets to move the interior bolt. These can be accessed with either passcodes, Bluetooth sensors, or smartphone apps.

Security-wise, a keyless lock is much harder to crack than one with a keyhole. However, they’re also more vulnerable to guests and family friends who can memorize the passcode and take advantage of your trust in them.

If you’re interested in a smart lock, try out ones with extra features, such as security cameras. That way, you always know who’s trying to access your home at all hours.

Secure Your Home

The type of front door lock you purchase for your home should represent your lifestyle and the level of security you desire. Smart locks provide the most convenience, but require the most upkeep. A traditional lock is often more than enough for most households.

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