6 Monitor Setup

Why You Should Invest in a 6 Monitor Setup

Dual monitors are now pretty common but do you ever wonder about those people who have a 6 monitor setup? There are many advantages to having 6 monitors that don’t just apply to traders and gamers. Hopefully, you’ll soon see that the investment is more than worthwhile.

Who Uses a 6 Monitor Setup

  • Traders
  • Gamers
  • Professionals
  • Home individuals

Traders and gamers are the traditional users of a 6 monitor setup. This is because gamers, especially professional ones, require the ultra high resolution and space that a 6 monitor setup provides. Traders, on the other hand, need to view and compare multiple data charts and graphs. The graphics processing power of a 6 monitor setup enables those visuals and also updates them in almost instant time. Traders mustn’t get time lags because they can drive wrong placements that lose thousands of dollars.

What is perhaps less well-known is that a 6 monitor setup can also be very useful for professionals and home individuals. We’ll look at more details below. First, imagine what a 6 monitor setup with a surround sound system could do for your film viewing experience?

Advantages of a 6 Monitor Setup

Clearly, investing in a 6 monitor setup is a personal choice. It’s important that you understand what you’re going to use it for before you invest. In the meantime though, perhaps having a look at the advantages can help you with your decision:

  • Productivity
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Effects
  • Data Usage
  • Easier apps management
  • Ergonomics


Nowadays, we have access to several studies that show that productivity increases between around 20 to 50% when working with a 6 monitor setup. This is because a 6 monitor setup allows you to compare documents more easily. You can therefore also cut and paste across documents with fewer mistakes.

Another advantage of a 6 monitor setup is that you have multiple backups if one of your monitors goes down. Also, if your primary computer is a laptop then you can always disconnect it and use it separately.

Collaboration and Communication

It can all get very confusing now with all the different team collaboration apps and messaging platforms out there. A 6 monitor setup can therefore make your life easier by allowing you to have them on separate screens. No more flicking in between all of them trying to remember who uses which platform.


As you’d expect, a film or series will look awesome on a 6 monitor setup. You can literally transform your space into a personal cinema auditorium. Furthermore, you can add atmospheric lighting that you switch off when you’re working.

In addition, monitors come with LCD panels that have different resolutions on offer. Gamers tend to go for the highest resolution to make sure that they can maximize their experience. Having said that, many professional gamers opt for Higher resolution. This is because they work with high frame rates that would make higher resolution sustainable.

Data Usage

As mentioned, traders need graphics to be updated virtually instantly in real-time. Moreover, programmers also work with large amounts of data and code. For them, a 6 monitor setup makes coding so much easier because they can see everything all at once.

Depending on what you use your 6 monitor setup for though you might appreciate good visuals. For example, many technical roles review drawings and models on a regular basis. Then again, what about admiring your kids’ artwork photos? Even family photos and albums can be arranged and tidied up more easily on a 6 monitor setup.

Easier Apps Management

A 6 monitor setup allows you to run various platforms and apps more easily because of the increased workspace and power available. Also, you can install apps, such as DisplayFusion, that give you more shortcuts to choose from. Overall, your experience becomes that much more effective and enjoyable.


Have you ever watched someone working whilst hunched over their laptop? After a while, their neck and shoulders will suffer from repetitive strain injury. The great thing with a 6 monitor setup is that you can adjust everything to your height and reach. Therefore, you can avoid straining and all the future injuries attached to that.

Final Thoughts before you Invest in a 6 Monitor Setup

Going for a 6 monitor setup can seem like a big step but it does bring many benefits. Of course, the final decision is yours and you still have to balance the cost and need for space. Like for any equipment though, it’s how you use it that brings the greatest results. So do the research and learn as much as you can about running a 6 monitor setup. Also, install the apps and get a great chair to boost the ergonomics even further. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your professional setup with its cinema and gaming transformation for your downtime.

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