Tips and Etiquettes of Wearing a Lapel Pin

Are you also in love with the latest fashion accessory; the one and only “lapel pins”? If yes, then you must know how to wear these amazing pins effectively. 

Well, lapel pins are used to brighten up your outfit. These pins are the perfect way to show one’s love for anything like a particular place, organization, cartoon character, or anything that you like. 

Additionally, lapel pins are the most elite way to express your personality. As we know that everybody wants to look perfect and unique when in a crowd, so lapel pins let you stand apart from others. 

However, there are some important tips and etiquettes that you must know while wearing a lapel pin. 

Tips and techniques of wearing a lapel pin 

  • It is recommended that you must wear the lapel pin on the left collar because we usually shake with the right hand. If you wear it on right it will cover the lapel pin when you extend the hand for shaking. It will also make it look dull and dark. 
  • You can wear several pins at the same time but one must be for enhancing purposes and the other can be for some support or affliction purpose.  
  • You must be careful while wearing multiple pins; Make sure that they don’t look messy and wear them in a way that they look elegant.
  • You can also wear a lapel pin in the middle of the tie. Be careful about the matching of tie and pin.
  • Avoid wearing these pins as cuff-links. Cuff-links and lapel pins are two different things. If you wear them as cuff-links, it will look awful.
  • Lapel pins are made to wear for both formal and informal occasions. Make sure to wear it accordingly. You can wear these pins on jackets, hoodies, or shirts if the occasion is informal.   

Etiquettes of styling a lapel pin  

Now you are pretty sure about how to wear a lapel pin; time to know how to style these pins.

Wearing a cartoon character lapel pin with a formal black tie at your official meeting and wearing a dark lapel pin at some wedding party will make you look stupid. It might sound rude but it’s true. So you must be aware of the etiquettes and some tips about the styling of lapel pins. And if you’re looking for a source to get your own custom lapel pins, then Vivipins  is the best at its service. That’s said, let’s talk about it in more detail.

1. Formal Lapel pins 

If you are going to formal occasions such as official dinner or wedding ceremony; the “formal floral lapel pins” will perfectly fit with it. Wearing it with a black tie will make it look more elegant and it will give a gentle look.  

If you are a groom, wearing a white or red floral lapel pin will definitely impress others. 

2. Bold/Bright label pins 

If you are in a mood to go outside and want a funky look; the bright or bold lapel pins will make a good match for your outfit. You can contrast the lapel pins with your dress. 

For instance, you are wearing a red dress a blue or yellow-colored lapel pin will pop up, and contrast with your dress perfectly. 

3. Metal lapel pins 

If you want to look smart during a working week; a metal lapel pin will totally work for you. However, you need to make sure that the metal of your lapel pin must match the other metals in your outfit i.e. buttons, rings, cuff-links or watch, etc. 

4. Badge lapel pins 

If you want to represent a company, organization, political party, or military; badge lapel pins will go for it. These pins are small and easy to wear.

5. Tonal lapel pins 

If you are a person who doesn’t like bright and bold colors; tonal lapel pins will fit ideally with your personality. For example, if you are wearing blue you can wear a green tonal lapel pin with it. It will give you a simple and graceful look. 

6. Layering with lapel pins 

You can do layering with the lapel pins; it will give a smart casual look. Layering will add texture and dimension to your outfit. 

7. Classical stick pin

If you want a traditional and classical look; a classical stick pin will look marvelous. These pins are running in the lapel pin industry for centuries. You will surely look gorgeous with these classical stick pins.    

8. Vintage lapel pin 

If you want to look lively and confident, vintage lapel pins will look totally fit with your choice because these pins have wonderful looks.

Wearing and styling a Lapel pin – Quick overview

  DOs DON’Ts
  • Wear a lapel pin on the left collar.
  • Don’t wear it other than the left side.
  • Match it with your outfit.
  • Don’t wear them as cuff-links.
  • Wear a bold and bright lapel pin on informal occasions
  • Don’t wear a bright lapel pin on a formal occasion. 
  • Wear your lapel pin according to the occasions either it is formal or informal.  
  • Don’t wear a lapel pin that contains any hate for others’ religion, society or norms, etc. 
  • Match your lapel pins’ metal with that of your outfit.
  • Don’t use dull lapel pins on dark clothes. 

Sum up 

Now you are well aware of styling your lapel pin according to your occasions, whether it is a formal wedding night or a bright summer party.  Get your custom lapel pins from here.

Enjoy your occasion, parties, or dinner nights with your lapel pins!

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