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Tips and Tricks from Experienced Freelance Writers

If you are a beginner in freelance, you probably have many questions about the whole process. In this article, you can find the answers to the most common questions you may have.

Successful Freelance Writers: Tips and Tricks

Freelance is gaining popularity in the modern career world. The reasons for that are plenty: from the comfortable working conditions at any place of the world to the security in the face of global lockdown measures. If you want to join the freelance community, this article is a great first source of information for you!

We have asked three experienced freelance writers for the most important tips and tricks they would like to share with the beginners in this occupation field. Here are five crucial pieces of advice for you!

1.     Have a Workplace

“If you think you will work from your couch all the time, you are wrong”, says one of the experts we talked to. She explains that it was fun from the very begging to stay in bed all day and work from there, but soon it became difficult, both physically and mentally.

“After a month of constant lying, your back wants to leave your body. It hurts too much. Besides, the bed affected not only my back, but also my work performance, as well. I had no ideas for new projects and was sleepy all the time”, tells the expert.

How to Organize a Workplace?

There are four important things in your workplace: table, chair, light, and computer. Make sure the table doesn’t wobble; it must be solid. Your chair has to be of high quality: constant sitting will affect your back the same way as lying, but the chair can improve the situation. It must have a shaped back and adjustable height.

Make sure there is enough light near your workplace. If the sunlight doesn’t reach the table, buy a lamp. As for the computer, the most important thing here is the storage and performance rate.

2.     Make a Schedule

“Freelancers often get urgent tasks. It seems like we can easily work at any time of the day, so clients can out orders and ask for delivery in one or two hours, even at night. That is why you need to have tight work hours and never break the schedule”, confides an employer of essay writing service. According to him, it is crucial to draw a line between work and rest; the income of freelancers depends directly on how much they work, so they try to complete as many tasks as possible. The result is sad: they end up with burn-out very soon.

How to Plan Your Schedule?

This expert gives the following advice: “If you are an independent freelancer, you can have a fixed number of hours per day you spend on work, and vary these hours from day to day. It will be okay, as long as you don’t cut your rest time.

In my case, I work for a service, and there are many freelance writers. We have fixed schedules so that our clients can place an urgent order and be sure they get it. For example, I work in the evening and I get the orders placed during this period of time. I think it makes our essay writing service UK the best one”.

Keep the Balance

The optimal work time is 6-8 hours per day, depending on the tasks you complete. The maximum you should plan is 9 hours because if you work for more than 9 hours, you will have no rest. If you work less than 5 hours, your income will not be very high.

3.     Set the Price

There are set prices for freelancer job positions in different fields, and the beginner needs to play by the rules. “If you are a novice in freelance, you should know the prices for your services. The good thing in freelance is that you can set the price for your work, but you have to know the general rate in your field”, says an expert.

It is important to monitor the prices your colleagues have. Stay in the middle, at least at the beginning; when you have your client base, you can start to appoint your own price.

4.     Expand Your Expertise

A freelancer has to be a specialist in the field he or she works in. According to one of the experts we interviewed, “freelancers have to be in constant search for new knowledge and the ways to expand the expertise”.

The more topics you can write about, the higher is the demand for your services. There is no need to provide your clients with the certificates of your knowledge, but it will be a plus if you have them.

Research Time

If you take a task about something you are not an expert in, you should ask for more time to conduct research. Explain to your client that it is important to check all details and discover different aspects of the issue. In the majority of cases, you will get more time for task completion.

A freelancer should expand his or her knowledge by constantly reading and watching new articles and studies as well as taking new courses. It is an important component of climbing the corporate ladder and increasing your income.

5.     Add Clients

“If it seems to you that the clients you have now are enough for you, don’t be so sure”, says the expert. She explains: “Freelancers are rarely taken seriously; so many clients don’t take responsibility in your cooperation. You should always add clients to your client base. This way, you will be sure that you always have tasks pending”.

Here are the best websites for clients searching.

  1. Upwork
  2. People Per Hour
  3. Craigslist
  4. Fiverr
  5. Freelancer

Keep the Clients You Have

However, it is also important to keep a connection with the clients you work with. When a task is delivered, ask for another one; if they are satisfied with your performance, they will ask for your services on a regular basis.

Of course, all experts emphasize the quality of your work: you should never do a task just to complete it. The better is your performance, the more clients you will get.

These are the most important tips and tricks from the experts we have interviewed. Follow them and build your career as a freelancer!

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