Tips For Packing Boxes

Tips For Packing Boxes

Are you moving from one house to the other? Are you packing a huge box as a gift? Well, everything boils down to the same basics when it comes to packing a box. Simply put, you need to make sure that the contents of the box reach the destination safely. Are you constantly worried every time you need to send a package? Well, you need to learn how to pack everything. Here are some tips to help you pack your boxes with confidence and avoid a lot of mishaps.

Choose The Right Materials

Here are the right materials to consider when packing boxes.

  • New Or Slightly Used Boxes – Buy used boxes from Gaylord Boxes. Older cartons will most likely break down with heavy weight. You should consider using liquor store boxes that are only used once but are built properly to support glass bottles during transportation.
  • Specially Designed Containers – If you are packing fragile items such as dishes, you should use a dish barrel box. It is a sturdy carboard container that has dividers and thick protective sides. It’s definitely worth the extra cost.
  • Packing Tape – Avoid using adhesive or masking tape when packing boxes. Rather, you should use 2-inch wide packing tapeto reinforce the bottom of the box and the seams.
  • Paper, Foam Peanuts And Bubble Wrap – Using these materials in your packing boxes should prevent your possessions from breaking or shift. You can always use a newspaper but the stiff white packing paper doesn’t flatten out fast enough.

The Right Box Size

When choosing boxes, here are a few things to consider.

  • Always start packing at the bottom. Make sure the box is bigger than the item you are packing. Add a layer of bubble wrapor crumpled paper at the bottom of the box then pack the heaviest items first before adding the lightest ones at the top.
  • Add foam peanuts or wedge paper on the space around the box. Before closing the box, you should add a layer of padding on top.
  • A full box shouldn’t weight more than 30 pounds. Make sure the carton is filled with packing materials and items. Don’t under-pack a container because it might collapse while an over-packed box will most likely burst open.
  • Seal the box and label it properly. When shipping packages, place a shipping lapel on the side, top and bottom. For moving boxes, you should label it with the destination and contents.

Organize Your Packing

When packing, here are some useful tips.

  • Don’t mix up the rooms when packing boxes in your home. Label each box properly so you can know where everything is going.
  • If you are packing a breakable object, you should use pillows, towels or clothing as packing material.
  • Check your carrier to make sure you are getting the best shipping service with a lot of guarantees.

Use these tips to make your packing and moving easier!


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