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Tips to Choose Right Cricket Equipment

If you are reading this you are probably interested in playing cricket. It is an enjoyable game loved by many people. It has become popular with exciting matches and tournaments being played against countries and within countries as well. If you are new to sports you may have seen that there are many brands producing cricket equipment. It can be tough selecting which one to buy from. You need to buy good quality stuff so that it lasts and is comfortable to use.

The following are some tips to help you to choose good cricket equipment.

Cricket bat

Begin by looking at what cricket bat to get. The bat is an important part of the game. It should be of excellent quality. When choosing a bat consider the following:

  • Willow source– The highest grades of willow can give fine quality bats. You need to find those using good raw materials. Also, consider the willow grade.
  • Size– You need to get the right size bat. It should not be very long and too heavy. You will not be able to play well with this. Heavier bats lead to slower bat speed in comparison to lighter ones.
  • Grains– The number of grains present on the bat is important when it comes to performance. If it has narrow grains it can increase performance.

Batting gloves

You have to get the correct batting gloves. These will be able to keep fingers safe from harm. When looking for gloves consider the below points:

  • Full protection– The gloves must give complete protection. Check out the fingers on the gloves to see that they have flexible padded areas. See the thumb present of the bottom hand. It should have extra protection.
  • Size– Look at the measurement of the gloves. It should start from your wrists to the longest finger’s tip, going in a straight line.

Batting pads

These keep the legs safe. The following are some points to keep in mind when looking for this:

  • Comfortable– They must be comfortable and easy to use. The batting pads should fit the legs properly.
  • Size– Look at the distance down to the instep, i.e., where your shoe’s tongue must rest. This should be from the middle of your knee cap. You can get pads in different sizes perfect for different players.


You will need to wear a good helmet when playing sport. It should keep you safe from injury due to a hard cricket ball. Find one which has the following features:

  • Fit– It should fit well. The peak should protrude horizontally from your eyebrows.
  • Weight– The helmet must be lightweight. The material should be a sweat absorption one.
  • Safety– The helmet must give foolproof safety and stop the likelihood of head injury. It must be firm on the head.

Look at the different cricket stores like cricket store in Melbourne to see the variety of equipment present. Do not only look at the cost but keep quality in mind.

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