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Tips & Tricks On Getting Your Home Ready For The Winter Season

The winter season doesn’t just come with the holidays – it brings the chilling weather along with it as well. Therefore, it’s critical to keep your home ready for the winter season, so that you can prevent any repairs in the spring season and cut down on the monthly energy bills. 

The below-mentioned suggestions are to be followed if you want to make your home winter-proof. 

Recommendations To Make Your Home Winter-Proof

  • Keep Your Outdoor Plumbing Lines Covered

According to a popular home inspector in Barrie, outdoor plumbing lines are extremely susceptible to freezing, especially during the winter season. Therefore, you must disconnect all your outdoor hoses and drain the remaining water present in them. Proceed to turn off the water supply to all your outdoor spigots and cover them in plastic bags before the winter season arrives. 

Following the aforementioned preventive measure can help in preventing your outdoor plumbing pipes from getting frozen & bursting. Ultimately, you’ll be able to save yourself from any water damage. 

  • Ensure All Doors & Windows Are Properly Sealed

If your windows and doors are not properly sealed or closed, then they will continue to leak heat through the entirety of the winter season. But, when you seal off these openings present in your doors & windows, then you’ll be able to make your house warmer and thus reduce the heating bills. 

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your doors & windows are properly sealed is by installing weatherstripping. You can save almost 20 per cent on your total heating expenses. 

  • Using A Smart Thermostat

When you have a smart thermostat installed inside your home, you can save up to 10 per cent of your total heating costs. This is because a smart thermostat can adjust the temperature of your home automatically – be it when you’re sleeping, out of the house or at home. Moreover, you can control the thermostat using your smartphone.

The smart thermostat will provide you with data & readings regarding the energy usage inside your home. And when you get familiar with your home energy usage, you can make proper adjustments to save for your next energy bill. 

  • Keeping Your Fireplace & Chimney In Good Condition

It doesn’t matter whether your fireplace is wood-burning or electric, you have to take good care of the same so that it can keep you warm & cosy throughout the winter season. 

Carry out a professional inspection by a home inspector and get your chimney cleaned, before you plan to use it again. Any build of creosote inside your fireplace will be a massive fire risk. 

For any additional suggestions regarding winterising your home, don’t hesitate to connect with us any time. 

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