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Top 10 .NET Development Tools That You Can Use

Imagine a sculptor using a chisel, hammer, mallet, and rasp. Now, visualize him working on a sculpture without these tools. How will the final model look? Certainly not the best, right? 

Same is the case with .NET development tools. Even if you hire dedicated .NET developers but they don’t use the best auxiliary technologies, the final output won’t be top-notch. 

For this purpose, you should choose development tools for .NET that help skilled professionals excel in their craft. However, with loads of choices in the market, it can become challenging to shortlist the best NET development tools. 

This blog intends to end your search. After reading the blog, you will have a handy list of top .NET development tools for easy reference.  

1. Visual Studio Code

Read any blog on this topic and Visual Studio Code will likely be the number one pick. And why not?

This tool is open source and lightweight code editor. It is highly flexible and has the following main features:

  • Compatibility with Linux, macOS, and Windows
  • Supports several third-party extensions
  • Multiple features for language-oriented technologies
  • Functions like code completion, debugging, and profiling

Sounds quite helpful, right? Well, you can even explore the official website for further exploration.

2. NuGet

NET development tools like NuGet help integrate third-party tools. NuGet is a package manager that is open source and has the following features: 

  • An extensive repository of packages: NuGet includes over 100,000 packages, which are created by developers and contain code that can be used in .NET applications
  • Easy installation and management: Developers can install NuGet packages using this tool, which is included with Visual Studio
  • Dependency resolution: Developers don’t need to manually track down and install all the dependencies for a package
  • Versioning: NuGet packages are versioned, so developers can easily track down the latest version of a package

Overall, NuGet is one of the most valuable .NET development tools. It can help skilled programmers to be more productive, write better code, and reduce risk. 

3. ReSharper

ReSharper is a productivity extension for Microsoft Visual Studio that provides a wide range of features to assist .NET developers in writing and maintaining high-quality code.  

Here are some of the critical features of ReSharper: 

  • Code inspections: ReSharper constantly analyzes code and identifies potential issues, such as typos, syntax errors, and logical mistakes
  • Context actions: ReSharper offers context-aware actions that provide suggestions and shortcuts for specific coding tasks
  • Refactorings: ReSharper supports a wide range of refactorings, which allow developers to restructure their code in a safe and consistent manner
  • Unit test runner: This tool provides a powerful unit test runner that integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio. It allows developers to run, debug, and analyze unit tests effectively.
  • Code completion: ReSharper offers intelligent code completion that suggests relevant symbols, expressions, and code constructs as developers’ 

Such development tools for .NET improve productivity, help developers identify and fix bugs, and improve code readability, leading to more maintainable and reliable applications. 

4. LINQPad

LINQPad is one of the most versatile .NET development tools that provides an interactive environment for writing and executing C# code and LINQ queries. It offers several features that enhance prototyping, testing, and learning .NET concepts. 

Take a look at some of the key features of this technology: 

  • Interactive C# code execution: You can write and execute C# code directly in the LINQPad editor
  • LINQ query building: Developers can construct and execute LINQ queries against various data sources, including SQL databases, XML files, and in-memory collections
  • Vital data exploration: You can explore and visualize data using various elements like grids, charts, and graphs
  • Code snippets and templates: LINQPad makes it easy to utilize a library of code snippets and templates to insert common code patterns

Overall, LINQPad is a valuable tool for dedicated .NET developers and even beginners with a flair for utilizing this sourcing language. 

5. Chocolatey

The name sounds tempting, right? Well, even the utility of such .NET development tools is valuable. Chocolatey is an open-source and popular package manager for Windows. It utilizes PowerShell and NuGet to streamline the process of downloading, installing, updating, and uninstalling software. 

Here are the main highlights of this popular tool: 

  • Ease of use: You can install software with simple commands like choco install <package name>. It feels fantastic, right?
  • Package repository: With Chocolatey, developers can access a vast repository of more than 10,000 community-maintained software packages
  • Automation: You can integrate Chocolatey into automation tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and others
  • Security: It is possible to verify package integrity and ensure compatibility with your system

Chocolatey empowers you to manage software installations efficiently. So, saving time and effort while maintaining a consistent and up-to-date software environment becomes possible due to such .NET development tools. 

6. .NET Reflector

Want to use a popular static analyzer? Then, the .NET Reflector is your answer. 

This free tool allows programmers to disassemble .NET assemblies to view the underlying Intermediate Language (IL) code.  

It provides a comprehensive set of features for analyzing and understanding .NET code, making it an invaluable tool for debugging, reverse engineering, and learning .NET concepts. 

Take a look at some of the essential features of this technology: 

  • Potential to view the IL code of .NET assemblies, including classes, methods, and fields
  • You can generate C# or VB.NET code providing a more readable representation for the viewer
  • It is possible to resolve symbols, such as class names, method names, and variables, to make the code easier to understand

Overall, .NET Reflector is a valuable tool well-known for debugging applications, reverse engineering software, and learning .NET concepts. So, choose such .NET development tools to become more proficient in developing sound projects. 

7. Postman

Most offshore development companies use such NET development tools. Why? First, they are free and open source. Second, they are ideal for API development and testing. Finally, tools like Postman provide a distinct graphical user interface for making HTTP requests, inspecting responses, and debugging purposes. 

Consider some of these main features of Postman: 

  • Ease of sending and receiving HTTP requests
  • It is possible to edit request headers, body, and URL parameters
  • You can view and analyze response status codes, headers, and body for better QA testing
  • Generation of code snippets for various programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and Java becomes straightforward

To sum up, Postman is a valuable tool for API developers and testers, providing a comprehensive set of features for QA process improvements. 

8. NCrunch

Moving on to an automated concurrent testing tool – NCrunch. This development tool provides real-time feedback on code changes. It automatically runs unit tests and code inspections. All this activity happens in real-time. This way, you receive feedback on potential issues to prevent major breakdowns. 

Before deciding to use NCrunch, one of the most useful .NET development tools, consider these features: 

  • Real-time feedback: You can receive instant feedback on code changes, including unit test results, code inspections, and coverage information
  • Visual Studio integration: NCrunch integrates with Visual Studio, providing a unified development environment
  • Customizable rules: Developers like you can customize code inspections to align with specific coding standards

NCrunch helps developers identify and fix bugs early, improve code readability, and ensure their code meets the top standards. 

9. NUnit

There are many benefits of using NUnit. It is a fantastic open-source unit testing framework for .NET languages, including C#, Visual Basic .NET, and F#. In addition, the tool allows developers to write and execute automated tests and verify the correctness of their code. 

Here are some of the main characteristics of NUnit, one of the most utility-oriented .NET development tools: 

  • Ease of use: NUnit has a simple and intuitive syntax for writing test cases
  • Powerful assertions: It offers a rich set of assertions for verifying the behavior of code
  • Cross-platform support: NUnit runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Integration with Visual Studio: This .NET development tool integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio, providing a streamlined testing experience

NUnit is a valuable tool for dedicated .NET developers who want to ensure the quality of their code. It helps developers maintain confidence in their software or web applications. 

10. SQL Complete

The last technology in our list of top .NET development tools is helpful for server management. SQL Complete is a free and open-source code completion tool from Devart. It provides intelligent code completion for Transact-SQL (T-SQL) code. 

Here are the main features of this NET development tool: 

  • Context-aware code completion: SQL Complete provides code completion suggestions based on the current context of the code
  • Object name completion: It automatically suggests object names, such as tables, columns, and other elements
  • Formatting assistance: This .NET tool formats code according to user-defined preferences
  • Code snippet insertion: It also inserts frequently used code snippets, such as SELECT statements and JOIN clauses

Overall, SQL Complete is a valuable tool for skilled developers, providing various features to improve productivity, accuracy, and code quality.  

 To Wrap Up 

In the dynamic world of .NET development, staying ahead of the curve requires utilizing the right tools. Hopefully, this listicle will allow you to use top .NET development tools and excel in productive web development.  

Whether it’s ReSharper’s productivity enhancements, LINQPad’s interactive learning environment, or Chocolatey’s package management prowess, these .NET development tools empower programmers to write high-quality code, streamline development processes, and deliver exceptional software solutions. 

If you aspire to elevate your .NET development project’s quality, consider the decision to hire dedicated .NET developers from a reputable IT vendor. These experienced professionals can implement industry best practices and emerging trends. 

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