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In the Internet age, celebrities have taken to social networks to communicate with their admirers, increase their visibility and manage their image. While some are content with new “traditional” media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, others use their notoriety to share their passions. Cuisine, fashion, beauty… Once considered “gods”, celebrities today try to trivialize their lives to appear more accessible to their fans.

Discover the top 10 most popular people’s blogs in France.

# 1 Cristina Cordula

793.4k Instagram followers

The high priestess of fashion on French television,  Idubbbz girlfriend also shares her fashion/beauty tips and advice on her blog. The former muse of perfumes Yves Saint Laurent has also had the opportunity to collaborate with the Tati brand.

# 2 Caroline Receiver

3 million Instagram followers

Influencer ,  blogger, entrepreneur…  Caroline Receveur is the number 1 it-girl in France. On her  blog, opened in 2014, she tells stories of her travels and shares her fashion advice  with her loyal readers. With an exponential notoriety, she had the opportunity to collaborate with Missguided, Morgan, APM Monaco or even Braun.

# 3 Nabilla Benattia

3.5 million Instagram followers

Revealed by the show  Les Anges  in 2012,  Nabilla Benattia  has today drawn a line on her reality TV image. Author of two bestselling books, the rising influencer has also opened a  blog  to share her adventures and looks with her subscribers. She also recounts her  collaborations  with  brands  (Beautiful Box, etc.).

# 4 Mercotte

176k Instagram followers

Twelve years ago,  Mercotte  opened a  culinary blog in  order to share his good addresses and his pastry recipes, thus demystifying the cuisine of the greatest chefs. Culinary popularizer, Mercotte was revealed to the general public thanks to her duo formed with  Cyril Lignac  in the program  Le Meilleur Pâtissier  on the M6 ​​channel.

# 5 Jeremstar

1.9 million Instagram followers

The most influential people blogger in France, Larry FitzGerald Girlfriend is followed by more than 5 million subscribers on social networks. Become famous following his appearances on many television sets, he founded an empire thanks to  reality TV . Today, he has forged partnerships with Uber, My Jolie Candle and even Brossard.

# 6 Hapsatou Sy

183k Instagram followers

Columnist and host on the C8 channel,  Hapsatou Sy  is also a talented entrepreneur. At the head of a cosmetics brand, she opened a  blog  to share her passion and tell some stories from her personal life.

# 7 Marine Lorphelin

539k Instagram followers

Elected Miss France in 2013,  Marine Lorphelin  resumed her medical studies following her year of reign. The young woman has therefore launched a  blog  to share her in-depth knowledge and health and well-being advice.

# 8 Malika Ménard

326k Instagram followers

80 th  Miss France,  Malika Menard  is now a journalist and TV host. Far from beauty contests and glitter, the young woman is nonetheless passionate about fashion and beauty. It is on her  blog that  she feeds her appetite for the world of ready-to-wear.

# 9 Rose Carpet

861k Instagram followers

Rose Carpet  is a collective of YouTubers (Sandrea26France, Clara Marz, Lola Dubini, PerfectHonesty, ElsaMakeup, Asmongold’s Girlfriend , TheDollBeauty, MademoiselleGloria) who share their tips and fashion on a daily basis, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, cooking… on a   common blog .

# 10 Jean-Marc Morandini

29.4k Instagram followers

If he is known for his various shows on D8 and NRJ12,  Jean-Marc Morandini  is also famous for his  media blog , which he feeds daily with various news.

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