What Makes an Educational Institute Suitable for Your Child

What Makes an Educational Institute Suitable for Your Child?


Choosing where your child goes to school can be personal and difficult at the same time. Most parents tend to feel anxious about making the right decisions for their wards as the choice of school will have an immense effect (either positively or negatively) on the child going forward.

However, some parents find it easy to choose schools for their children as they send them to public schools that belong to the government close to them.

Other parents prefer to look beyond government schools and opt for private schools or homeschooling as they feel

Decisions about where your child goes to school are very personal and can be difficult, which justifies the reason why some parents feel anxious about deciding on the wards intended school and if the choice is right.

We at Invictus International School are aware that there are some factors most parents consider before choosing an educational institute that will suit their wards. Here are few things they put into consideration:

  1. Personal values and preferences

Each parent has his or her preference for their wards before they end up joining either a private or public school. Also, they put into consideration the available facilities that can cater to their children both intellectually and growth-wise.

Also, some parents desire that their children attend the same school they had attended while some prefer their children to have a different experience.

Another value parents place on their children is for these children to attend schools that regard religious education.

Furthermore, some parents will like to send their children to boarding schools, while others will opt for either day schooling or homeschooling.

  1. Practical considerations

The second-factor parents consider is the location, proximity, and cost or difficulty to travel to the school and if a public means of transportation is preferable.

Also, most parents will more than a child prefer that all their wards go to the same school and it is way easier to pick them up after school and go for other school functions at once when the need arises.

Parents sometimes pay attention to the schools their children’s friends go to and if their child will need before and aftercare for their wards after schooling hours.

  1. Specific Factors in Schools. 

Most parents prefer that their children go to schools that will suit their children in terms of size and facilities during their learning process. Things like libraries, playgrounds, clubs, music programs, and so on enhance a child’s overall learning process.

Also, parents pay close attention to students’ academic results over the past few years in schools they intend their children to go as they desire that their wards get the best learning environment as well as teachers.

Some parents lookout for schools that are capable of supporting their children who need extra attention such as disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and so many other needs.

Choosing a Primary School for your Child 

The choice of the best and most suitable primary school for your child is pivotal as it is regarded as the basis or foundation to your child’s academic success going forward. As a result, most parents pay keen attention to choosing a Primary School for their wards.

These parents desire that their wards go to a school they feel welcomed and enjoy the transition into school programs. Also, parents desire that these schools offer the best possible behavior management approach to their wards to ensure these children grow both morally and intellectually.

Choosing a Secondary School 

Before any parent decides which school his or her child attends, it is important to answer the following questions:

  1. How affordable is the school?
  2. Is there any provision for scholarship programs, and what qualifies one to be eligible?
  3. What options of transportation does the school provide and is it okay for your wards?
  4. Do these schools want their students to make use of some gadgets such as laptops and Ipads?


There several other factors parents put into consideration before they decide which school is suitable for their children. The factors we mentioned above are vital to any decision-making for your ward’s choice of a schooling environment.

We hope this article serves as a guide for you when choosing an educational institution for your child.

Put other factors like single-sex schools or co-educational schools, schools philosophy, class size, and so on in Consider.  In the end, ensure your choices are justifiable and suiting to your child’s intellectual and moral growth.

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