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Top 10 Skills To Look For While You Hire a ReactJS Developer

Today, front-end frameworks and libraries are considered integral to the web development process to build high-performing websites and web-based applications. One such front-end JavaScript library is ReactJS which has made it easier for developers to create fast user interfaces for websites and applications. If we look at the statistics, around 10.2 million websites use ReactJS as a front-end web development tool.

With so many new libraries released yearly, companies need help choosing a specific library or framework for developing websites and applications. In this blog, we have explained what ReactJS is, its benefits, why companies should Hire ReactJS developers, and what skills a ReactJS developer should have.

What Is ReactJS, and Why Is It Important?

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript framework and library developed by Facebook to create interactive user interfaces. This framework uses comparatively less code than a developer would use with vanilla JavaScript. Primarily used for multiple purposes, a web developer can create reusable user interfaces for static websites and single-page applications, handle the view layer for web and mobile applications, and much more.

With ReactJS, developers can only deal with part of the user interface as a single unit. Instead, they can separate complex UIs into single reusable components forming the building blocks of the UI. The primary goal of this framework is to be quick, simple, flexible, and scalable. It enables developers to combine the speed and efficiency of JavaScript to efficiently manipulate the DOM to render web pages faster and build highly responsive and dynamic web-based applications.

Importance Of ReactJS For Front-end Development

In today’s age, ReactJS is the most popular front-end framework and library, as it is being used consistently by web developers. Let’s look at some attractive features of ReactJS to understand its importance.

●     Easier To Learn

An elementary and lightweight library, ReactJS is known for dealing with the view layer of a web page or web application. With its easy learning curve, many web developers find it easier to learn than Angular when using JavaScript. A developer who knows the basics of HTML-CSS and programming concepts can quickly start working with ReactJS.

●     Ultimate Flexibility and Compatibility

ReactJS’ framework offers one of those cases where web developers get the hang of single technology, making it easier for them to reuse it across various platforms. In addition, many web developers find it more straightforward to maintain and flexible due to its modular structure.

Moreover, the current ecosystem of this front-end framework is so vast that it enables developers to build static websites, desktop solutions, and mobile applications, handle server rendering, and integrate a range of advanced tech concepts with different web solutions.

●     Reusable Components

ReactJS features independent components and reusable bits of code. You can either use these components as a primary JavaScript function or a class component- a JavaScript class using a rendered method. A web developer needs to provide input when required and rendered the component returns HTML elements.

Web developers developing React components can further reuse them in other parts of websites and applications or build wrapper components that provide structure and reusability.

●     Virtual DOMS

Virtualisation and storage of DOM in memory make it possible for ReactJS to grant fast rendering capacities with all view changes reflected in the virtual DOM. Minimum updates are required to achieve the quickest read or write time, improving overall performance. With this front-end framework, you can figure out the most efficient way to apply new changes without needing too many updates.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a ReactJS Developer?

ReactJS developers are efficient enough to fulfil a company’s web development needs. Here listed are many benefits that a company can enjoy when they Hire ReactJS Developer:

●     Increased Productivity

ReactJS is highly productive for companies as it can help them complete the project within a specified time frame and with few errors.

●     Build High-Quality ReactJS UI

Designing web-based apps with a rich user interface is necessary for the applications to survive and thrive in the market. ReactJS developers are famous for developing high-quality UI, making it easier and simpler for users to use the ReactJS application. ReactJS developers ensure that the UI framework is created through its declarative components to develop a user-friendly interface.

●     More Flexibility

As discussed above, ReactJS provides much flexibility when developing websites, web pages, and mobile applications. It means developers can easily change their website or application’s appearance without rewriting the entire code.

●     Improved Security

ReactJS developers are well-trained and experienced in writing secure code that improves a website’s and application’s security. It helps companies protect their users’ data from unauthorised access.

●     SEO-Friendly

ReactJS framework enables developers to reduce the page load time, aiding companies to secure the first rank on Google Search Engine Page Results.

●     Scalability

ReactJS is a scalable platform that implies that developers can handle large projects. Therefore, a company considering undertaking large projects should hire ReactJS developers from a renowned company ZealousWeb. The company offers the flexibility to hire ReactJS developers hourly or monthly based on its project needs.

What Skills To Look For When Hiring a ReactJS Developer?

A ReactJS developer should have both technical and soft skills. On the one hand, technical skills enable them to perform core web development tasks; on the other hand, soft skills will allow them to serve efficiently in a corporate setup. So let’s learn what skills a company should look for in ReactJS developers.

Technical Skills

Here are the top technical skills that a ReactJS developer should have:

●     HTML + CSS

A ReactJS developer should be proficient in two essential skills: HTML code and CSS script. These skills help them to develop a user-friendly interface for websites and web applications. A developer should have some HTML and CSS skills, including coding semantic HTML tags and CSS selectors, understanding the box model, deploying a CSS reset, and more.

●     JSX

In ReactJS, a developer can only work with HTML skills. Instead, he also needs to work with a syntax extension- JSX. It is typically an abstraction on top of React.createElement() API that helps in generating a complete application. With this particular skill, a web developer can write React applications without converting HTML tags into JavaScript objects.

●     Object Tricks

ReactJS developers must be competent in accessing and modifying object attributes used for systematically storing key-value pairs.

●     Git

Git repositories allow sharing of code and other components with other developers. A ReactJS developer should be able to analyse changes with add, commit, push, and pull.

Moreover, they can post and update applications on several platforms like Gitlab, GitHub, or BitBucket using Git. Some necessary Git skills that developers should have- merging strategies and branching and handling merging conflicts.

●     Node + Npm

Understanding the Npm registry enables software developers to build software.

Moreover, skilled developers can run React code directly in the Node environment, which improves their interoperability.

Soft Skills

Here are the top soft skills that a ReactJS developer should have:

●     Excellent Communication

Only some people are aware of technical jargon, so, ReactJS developers should be able to communicate technical ideas to make it easier for other team members and customers to comprehend.

●     Problem-Solving

When debugging applications or addressing other technical issues, the problem-solving skills of ReactJS developers come in handy.

●     Team Player

Working on a ReactJS project requires a team, not just a developer, for coding, testing, and prototyping. So, ReactJS developers should know how to work in a team.

●     Creativity

Companies alter their applications based on user input and other factors; in such a case, developers rely on their creativity.

●     Accountability

A ReactJS developer should know how to solve issues, write excellent codes, and take responsibility for his and his colleagues’ mistakes.

Wrapping It Up

ReactJS has emerged as a powerful and popular framework that helps companies create fast, responsive, and user-friendly websites and applications. So, it’s only worthwhile for such companies to Hire ReactJS Developers as they can help them take their projects to the next level. So, when thinking of hiring a ReactJS developer, consider these top 10 skills to create fantastic web development projects.

Moreover, you can avail of maximum benefits from your project by hiring a ReactJS developer from an established company ZealousWeb. Working with a dynamic team of expert ReactJS web developers, the company is recognised for guiding its clients to develop robust, user-friendly websites and applications.

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