Top 10 Things To Consider While Building A Commercial Security Fence

One of the most important aspects of owning a commercial property is to ensure that the safety of its tenants is kept at topmost priority. This is usually done by ensuring that the perimeter of the property is well protected by means such as commercial security fencing. What is even more important is that a good amount of thought is given to the kind of commercial fencing that is going to be used. To do this all you need to do is be informed and keep a few pointers in mind before making a choice and contact Amarillo fencing contractor to start building. What are these factors? Let us find out.

Durability Is Non-Negotiable.

While the decision of getting commercial security is a must, there is no point in choosing material that is not durable. Based on climatic conditions and factors that affect the material, you must ensure that you take the time to speak with a professional and decide upon the best type of material that should be used. If you do not do this, you will find yourself having to spend a lot of time on repair, replacement, and repurchase. Also, prefer temporary fencing hire while building a commercial security fence.

Fence Height

This is the first and foremost pointer when deciding what fencing you choose to purchase. You must ensure that your commercial security fencing is at least 6 feet tall. Anything less than that is a clear invitation for an intruder to enter. 6 feet is usually good enough to make the process of someone climbing in difficult. It is not so high, and you should aim for higher, however, this is usually enough to deter intruders.

The Positioning Of Your Commercial Fencing

Installing commercial fencing is an expensive affair and is usually done occasionally. Therefore, deciding the positioning of your fencing is very important. Very often there are break in’s and damage that occurs due to the positioning of the fencing being wrong. For example, if you place a fence right next to climbable objects, you are inviting trouble. Similarly, if the material and fence structure is such wherein intruders can hide, again that defeats the entire purpose. So, consider your surroundings and ensure that the positioning is well thought of.


Lighting is one of the most important deterrents for intruders. When placed well, it automatically discourages anyone from entering due to the fear of being seen. However, keep in mind that the placement of lighting needs to be correct too. If placed incorrectly, it could end up damaging your commercial fencing. Therefore, plan your commercial fencing placement in sync with how the lighting needs to be. Other deterrents such as CCTV cameras will also ensure that your property is additionally protected.

Access Points Safety

Access points are prone to be used as the point of entry by intruders. Therefore, thinking clearly and well before deciding where this point will be is very important. The access point needs to be in such a position that it is well protected and not in a secluded area where intruders can plan and successfully enter the premises. Access points need to be convenient for entry and exit for the tenants no doubts, but it also needs to be safe and secure so that nobody could enter for the wrong reasons.


Commercial security fencing will need maintenance from time to time. Therefore, before you choose your fence, ensure that you understand what kind of maintenance will be required. Every material requires a different kind of maintenance. Some may need to be maintained regularly while some might not need it as regularly. Be sure to speak to a professional before you make a choice and only then go onboard for purchasing and installing it.

Double-Check Commercial Security Fencing Regulations

Security fencing laws are different from state to state. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of what these laws and regulations are. Non-compliance can result in the fencing being torn down or hefty fines. The best way to know this is by speaking to a professional and understanding what the exact requirements are. Fences that are designed for security always have regulatory requirements and therefore they must be met compulsorily.

Don’t Be Stingy

Commercial fencing is indeed a tad bit heavy on the pocket, but there are a variety of options available to choose from which would be on and around your budget. Do not think of cutting down costs here because that would mean a fence that may not be of great quality. This in turn will allow intruders entry who can cause damage worth double the price of getting a good fence. Therefore, spend the money needed, in fact maybe even a little more for the safety of your tenants and your property.

The Installation Process.

The installation of commercial security fencing is the most important of all. After choosing the type of fencing and the material, you need to ensure that the installation process is done correctly. If after all your efforts you realise that it has been installed incorrectly, it could cause irreparable damage. Not to mention the amount of extra money that will go into repair and reinstallation. Therefore, collaborate with a good team of professionals who will be able to help you get this done in the best way possible.

Additional Add-Ons

While getting the basics of commercial fencing done, a couple of add-ons are important to help increase your safety. Just like every dish could use some seasoning, consider these add-ons ad the seasonings you need to improve safety. Getting ads on such as barbed wires, razor wires or electrical wires will help and highly discourage any intruder from entering unless they have a death wish.

Choose your commercial security fencing only after you have considered the above factors. Doing so will ensure that your investment in fencing is long-term and the security of your tenants is guaranteed. Good luck!

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