Top 3 Best buggy rental companies in Dubai

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 3 best buggy rental companies in Dubai which are providing the service of buggy rental in Dubai for years. Dune bashing with buggy has become the most popular activity in Dubai. There are thousands of tourists who come to Dubai every year to enjoy the dune bashing with the buggies. 

Dune bashing with the buggy in Dubai desert

Dubai is the most famous host for tourists who loves to do activities in the deserts. Dubai offers one of the most giant deserts in the world. Dubai is desert land by nature, and it was developed few decades back according to modern architecture. Due to this, it presents both architectures, the modern one and the desert one. 

If you go on a drive of one hour from the heart of Dubai city, you will start finding the desert along the road. But there is proper space allocated in the desert which is maintained in such a way that people can easily do activities in the desert with all the facilities. 

Buggy racing is the top activity that people like to do in Dubai desert because it is the most crazy, thrilling, and yet affordable one. To do buggy riding in Dubai, you need to book a buggy from tour operators providing the service of buggy rental in Dubai. There are local tour operators providing the buggy rental service in Dubai. 

Top buggy rental companies in Dubai

You can easily book the buggy on your desired schedule even before your tour. Thanks to the online booking service provided by almost all the travel partners. After a lot of research, we have made a list of the top three tour operators which are providing the service of buggy rental in Dubai. Below, we are going to discuss each of the companies one by one. 

Enduro Bike Advanture: 

When we talk about the top companies who are providing the buggy rental service, then one name is a must which is Enduro Bike Advanture. This is because of the excellent buggy rental service they are providing in Dubai for years. They are established years back and earned a lot of reputation and trust by providing premium buggy rental services with a lot more. 

One thing which almost all the customers appreciated about them in their reviews is their customer service. They have hired specially trained staff for the customer dealing which is great for customer satisfaction. Their pricing is also very reasonable according to the value of the service they are providing. They have a pretty good online buggy rental booking tool through which you can book a buggy for yourself online. 

Atlantis Buggy Rental:

Another service which we found good in the reviews of the customer is Atlantis buggy rental. They have established a few years back and grew at a very good speed. They are providing the buggy rental in Dubai in 950 AED per hour which is also good. In this package, they are providing the pick and drop service and the Polaris buggy 1000 RZR having 110 horsepower. 

If you are not able to get the service of Enduro Bike Advanture then you can go for Atlantis buggy rental service too. 

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MxDubai is also a good buggy rental service in Dubai having a lot of customers from worldwide. They are offering buggy rental service in 950AED for one hour which is a bit high but their services are also very good. This package includes an experienced tour guide, 2019 Polaris RZR 1000 XP, Helmet, Goggles and Gloves, and refreshments.


Enduro Bike Advanture is the top buggy rental service for which you should try first. If its service is not available or already booked then you can go for the other two options discussed for buggy rental in Dubai

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