Top 3 Reloading Presses for Better Reloading Ammunition

Top 3 Reloading Presses for Better Reloading Ammunition

Generally, a reloading press is mainly used for assembling bullet components inside the bullet shell. Reloading the ammunition is not a simple task for beginners, there are few things you should follow for better results. As a newbie, most of them don’t know what type of reloading press is suitable or which is not. Having a personal reloading press is very important because it is cost-effective, you can store extra bullets, make unique bullets, and many more. There are different kinds of reloading presses available in the market like single stage reloading presses, progressive reloading presses, turret reloading presses.

In this article, you will find some unique features of reloading presses so that you may easily figure out what type of reloading press is better for you. So, let’s begin…

  • Single Stage Reloading Press

Single-stage reloading press features a ram that has a shell holder that holds one cartridge at a time and it also has one die station. Normally you’d have seven eighths by fourteen threads you would have to screw the die in. In this press, we’ve got the instant indicator which is set up to profile the bullet seating depth and the bullet seating depth for 308 Winchester. With this reloading press, we have good leverage because we’re only working on one cartridge at a time. We can easily take the shell holder in and out and replace that for different types of cartridges that we might want to reload. This press features a priming system where it can pick up primers and then prime the case on the way down. If you want to know more about load data on your presses, you can visit for more information.

Single stage reloading press is very cost-effective and it’s really good for loading rifle ammunition. If you’re concerned about accuracy and consistency, you can load pistol ammo on a single stage press. 

  • Turret Press

Turret press’s lower half is pretty much identical to the single-stage reloading press, the big difference is on the top where it has multiple dives. On some presses, the dies will index manually where you can manually index different dies into positions at a given point in time so that you can use that particular die. This press features an auto-indexing system so that dies can be advanced automatically. If we’ve got a setup where we are loading rifle ammunition, we will get powder major here that we’re using to dispense powder charges. Moreover, it has a sizing, D priming die, and bullet seeding dies; those can all be indexed into position automatically. This particular turret press has a cast iron-based press, safety prime system so that we can prime and we can even use a powder measure with this setup.

You can load accurate rifle and pistol ammunition with the turret press very easily. This particular press is very cost-effective and it’s going to be just a little bit more money than a single-stage press.

  • Progressive Reloading Press

The upper half of the progressive reloading press is somewhat similar to a turret press, in that we’ve got multiple dives that are set up simultaneously. The big difference between a progressive press and a single-stage turret press is that we’ve got multiple die operations going on at a single time, each time the handle is pulled. So that means on the bottom instead of having a shell holder where we’ve got a shell plate, the shell plate has typically four, five, or even seven stations depending on the press. 

A progressive press can be a great way to load high-volume rifle ammunition. If you’re shooting a lot of 308 or 223 or 556 but it’s also ideally suited for loading mass quantities of pistol ammo. However, this type of press is going to be more expensive for each caliber, changeover setup that you add. You’re going to be spending more money because you need a shell plate and you need to lock and load bushings.

There are various advantages and disadvantages for each type of press like for loading rifle ammunition a single-stage and a turret are going to be good options. If you’re an experienced loader, auto-indexing presses fix the issue very quickly. It will be great if you spend more time on research on which presses suit you, and also research those presses’ advantages and disadvantages.

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