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What Would the World Look Like Without Fun Gambling Superstitions?

Superstitions are common in many cultures around the world, and they are frequently associated with gambling in particular. Given that Australia is one of the world’s most populous gambling countries, we thought it would be interesting to look into some of the most popular or intriguing superstitions that gamblers use to improve their luck.

Without further ado, here are some of the strangest and funniest superstitions you can expect to find should you ever be traveling in Australia.

No Dogs Allowed

A few centuries ago, women were not allowed to set foot on sailing ships, as their presence there was thought to bring bad luck to the crew who feared the ship would sink or get hijacked by pirates. While we could not find an actual explanation behind this superstition, we have to say it is quite similar to the one that Australian gamblers have regarding dogs in gambling locations. Australians believe it is a bad omen to bring a dog near a casino table. Now imagine you are an Aussie punter who also happens to own a dog, and you do most of your gambling at home, online. With so many fresh casino reviews recommending the hottest venues to join, online gambling has turned into a fun hobby for lots of passionate players and many of them also own dogs. According to this superstition, you should make sure your fluffy friend is never in the same room with you when engaging in your favourite games on your computer.

Wear Something Red

Red is considered a lucky colour in many cultures across the globe. Accordingly, lots of Australians wear red caps, red tops, and even red undies when hitting the pokie machines. Some of them even manage to go on winning streaks when they do, so there must be something about this superstition worth looking into!

Never Say “7” When Playing Craps

When playing Craps, Aussies avoid saying “seven” out loud. Why? They believe it is unlucky, even if they are actually crossing their fingers to see a 7 land on the dice. Plus, saying this number out loud would also most likely annoy the rest of the players around and potentially cause them to lose their focus. While 7 is a lucky number when engaging in a fun game of slots, it has a completely different meaning and connotation when playing craps, so make sure you keep this in mind next time you are ready to hit an Aussie casino.

Don’t Walk Through the Front Door

Some superstitious gamblers will avoid walking through the casino’s front door. They will prefer to enter through a side or back entrance rather than the main entrance to a physical casino building. This dates back to the entrance to the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas in 1995. A massive lion surrounded the door, which led into a lion’s belly. Many superstitious gamblers interpreted this as a bad omen and avoided the casino.

The interesting thing about this one is that the MGM Grand had to change the design of their casino in order to keep their customers happy. This is one superstition that cost them a lot of money in remodelling costs.

Hold On To Your Dice

Another interesting superstition that lots of Australians seem to believe in refers to using the same pair of dice during the same gambling session. This is supposed to bring them good and it also applies to the scenario in which the dice gets accidentally shot off the gaming table. While some casinos might bring new dice to the table when this happens, many Australian gamblers will usually refuse to play using the new pair and insist on playing with the same dice that has been thrown off the table.

Take Advantage Of (A) Beginner’s Luck

Lots of people will be more than thrilled to have a friend accompany them to a casino for the first time, especially if the respective friend so just happens to be a newbie just getting acquainted with the world of gambling. Gambling virgins are considered to be good omens and players who choose to stick by their side and place their bets at the same tables can expect to feel the rewards pouring. Since gambling is such a popular form of entertainment in the country, it might be more difficult to come across a casino virgin, so when you do, make sure to politely ask him or her out on a fun casino night.

These are some of the most interesting superstitions that gamblers in Australia frequently keep in mind when hitting the casino tables for an extra ounce of luck. Do you have any good luck superstitions you like to use when gambling?

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