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Top 4 Life-saving Things if You are Moving to London

1. Moving to London during… winter!

No, this is not a spelling mistake. It may not sound logical. Unpleasant British weather is proverbial, right? Winter in London is cold, though it rarely snows…

Here is the main reason to give you this advice. 

After the Christmas and New Year holidays in London, the number of tourists in the city is significantly reduced. Many apartments and houses are vacated and their rental prices fall significantly. This will increase your chances of making a good rental deal. Chances are that you’ll be able to find a flat in London at a reasonable price and in a relatively good location, in a better neighbourhood or even near the city centre. Remember that moving in the cold season is a bit tougher and is likely to require the help of a professional removal company in London.

In addition, public transport at this time of year is not so crowded, and you will be able to travel more comfortably, at least until you get used to the city and start to better navigate the great metropolis. 

2. Wear the wool sweater your mom knitted!

If you have decided to follow our №1 tip and move to London during the winter, don’t forget to take with you all your other warm clothes, besides mom’s hand-knitted wool sweater. The weather in London is unpleasant not only in winter but also during other seasons. Your calendar may show that it is spring, but it may be as cold as winter outside, especially in the evenings. The cold temperatures could surprise you even in June or July. 

3. Share your expenses with a roommate(s).

Even if you move to London right after the Christmas and New Year holidays or hit some unprecedented real estate crisis, it won’t matter. Rental prices and housing in London never goes out of the Top 3 of the highest rental rates of world capitals. Unless you really have a lot of money, the pragmatic solution is to share the financial burden of renting an apartment in London with a roommate. 

The price for a furnished 3- or 4-bedroom house in an outer borough in London will cost you about £450 a month per person. The closer you get to the central areas in London, the higher the rental price. Try to find a compromise solution. For example, you can search for properties relatively close to the centre, in an area with good transport links but without the neighbourhood being classified as fancy.  

4. The fastest and most cost-effective way to get from point A to point B in London.

The answer that immediately pops up as a leading option is probably the subway? 

It’s famous, it’s relatively fast, but… 

Its main infrastructure was built during the Victorian era. For this reason, its maintenance costs are huge. Accordingly, the ticket price is among the highest in the world. We will also not advise you to buy a car (unless you have a lot of money to spend). Car maintenance in London is really expensive. These are costs for petrol/gas, depreciation, insurance, servicing, repairs, taxes. In addition, the average speed in the central parts of the city is 10 mph due to traffic. 

You don’t need all this. 

The best way to travel in London is on 2 wheels, via a scooter or bike (Boris bike). A brand-new Vespa will cost you around £3-4 thousand. A huge number of sites in London offer scooters and the competition lowers the price. All you need to drive your new scooter in London is an international driving license for two-wheelers. Otherwise, you will have to get a UK motorcycle license.

Buying a bike is also a good solution. It is cheaper than a scooter. If you still don’t have room at home for the bike or you’re not sure if you want it permanently, there is another option. It’s called a Boris bike (because the service was introduced by Mayor Boris Johnson). The official name is Santander Cycles. There are over 700 docking stations around London where these bikes can be rented. There are more than 10,000 Boris bikes around the city and you can rent them with a credit card. Another option is to register and get your own key. 

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