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Top 4 Tips To Fundraise For your Worthy Cause Or Charity

Perhaps you are an active and selfless member of your local community and have volunteered your time and services to fundraise for a new wall, a new church roof or similar locally beneficial addition or improvement; or instead, perhaps you are working for a registered charity with a particular project that you are in charge of that needs adequate funds to be raised.

Whatever the reason, fundraising is an artform of its very own and requires a substantial amount of energy and commitment so, with that being said, continue reading to learn of the top four tips to fundraise for your worthy cause or charity.

1.   Hold A Local Small Businesses Networking Event

Not only will hosting a small businesses networking event for your local community provide valuable sponsorships and donations for your worthy cause or charity, but it will also connect small business owners with each other and serve to strengthen each of them.

Hiring the services of a professional, established and experienced private bartenders will ensure your networking event has a fabulous atmosphere, structure and will encourage the free-flowing exchange of conversation and donations.

2.   A Delicious Bake Sale

There is a wide plethora of benefits to holding a delicious bake sale, consisting of homemade sweet treats, candies and desserts for sale to members of the public.

Such advantages include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • The ability to involve both your own children and children from the local community
  • The flexibility to theme and tailor-make the bake sale to best suit your chosen cause
  • The instant injection of cash
  • The fact that there are no upfront fees for stock
  • Shops will donate their venue for the morning all in the aid of charity

Ensure you clearly state the purpose of the fundraiser, to ensure maximum engagement and donations.

3.   A Trivia Night At The Local Pub

Another fantastic, always successful and thoroughly enjoyable fundraising event idea is to host your very own trivia night at your local pub or other public place.

You can charge a five-dollar entry fee to take part in the trivia quiz, with all proceeds going directly to the charity or worthy cause that you represent.

Additionally, enlist the help of local shops and other businesses to donate some prizes for the winning team of the trivia night. You can keep reading  here for more information.

4.   Darts or Pool Tournament

A popular gaming event would be to organize a darts or pool tournament in your local sports center or public house.

Again, ask for a minimum donation fee to take part in the games event and (especially if the tournament is taking place in a pub or other venue with their own bar) ask for a bar voucher or various bottles of drink to be awarded to the winner.

The bar owner or manager will benefit from the influx of people and customers to the venue and you will raise money for your charity.

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