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Dripify vs Phantombuster Comparison Review of the Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

Dripify Pros and Cons

Dripify is amongst the Linkedin automation tools created to make things easier. Just one click and your LinkedIn connections will be ready in a few minutes. By using this extremely friendly and easy-to-use tool, you can save hours of work every day. Dripify gets it done for you, automatically!

It’s a flexible LinkedIn automation tool that could help your marketing team create more leads and sell more products on autopilot. Dripify guarantees that unit leaders are onboarded quickly and that LinkedIn planning is accomplished at the same time.

Dripify features

  • Pull up to 100 contacts per utilization into your spreadsheet for segmenting purposes.
  • Send up to 200 personal message variations per campaign depending on the Drip rate limit, which should be plenty for most uses.
  • Has an editor that lets you preview changes before they are sent out. Dripify also makes it easy to save and reuse messages and email sequences.
  • Can connect with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MailChimp, Drip, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor, and several others. Dripify also has native integrations for Hubspot CRM & WordPress websites.
  • Works well for bootstrapped small to medium-sized businesses that don’t want to pay a lot for marketing automation tools.
  • Easy enough that you should be able to set it up without a developer or other technical help.
  • Affordable compared to other automation software/tools Dripify charges $49 per month for the Dripify software and another $15 per month for each integration you add.


  • Allows you to automatically send emails to your leads or customers based on how they engage with you. There are three different triggers that Dripify has, including contacts who open your emails, contacts who click on links in the email, and those who make a purchase.
  • Doesn’t require any experience in coding, CRM’s or marketing automation. Dripify is easy to set up and use and has many templates that you can choose from.
  • Offers real-time reporting and analytics on how the campaigns are working and how many contacts are opening your emails or taking specific actions in Dripify.


  • You can only use LinkedIn Dripify to send emails; it doesn’t offer any other tools.
  • Does not have a mobile app, so you cannot access Dripify from your phone.
  • This LinkedIn automation tool is minimal when it comes to integrations with other email or marketing automation platforms.

Phantombuster Pros and Cons

The primary reason for this automation tool’s existence is that it was designed from the bottom up to assist those who deal with LinkedIn or any other platform. Not everyone has the time to do work by hand. So it makes sense to use this technology to automate chores, and you will control everything from the cloud. You not only conserve a lot of time and work, but you can also discover new methods to interact with new leads and consumers while bringing in suitable solutions. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Phantombuster also allows you to schedule and trigger activities. Setting up activities to begin automatically works well, and you can easily customize and pace them at your speed. Not only that but everything can be readily programmed without any coding skills. It functions smoothly and imparts a perception of worth, professionalism, or quality. It may take some trial and error, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Phantombuster features

  • It can block IP’s like Dripify (with the help of the IXP manager)
  • You can use it to stop downloading torrents (when using WebUI)
  • Enables you to automate all of your LinkedIn activities, including profile visits, customized connection requests, auto-likes, and auto-comments.


  • It is beneficial for us to obtain information from social media profiles, which we can use to improve our marketing efforts. Their assistance was quite helpful in answering my questions.
  • If you require information-sourcing or data enrichment, this should be the first software solution you experiment with.
  • There are various recipes or “phantoms” ready to be used, and setting up phantoms is simple. In a matter of minutes, you may extract information from Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms.
  • Also, the pricing is excellent — it has the best value-to-cost ratio we’ve ever seen, and it is reasonably priced.
  • Automation is at its most excellent! All of the tools that are included with this software are useful.


  • Setting up Automation can be time-consuming at times. When using social media services, you must be mindful of how much time you spend on each one to avoid being banned.
  • The fact that unused hours do not accumulate from one day to the next if you do not use them and that new hours do not roll over from one month to the next are essential considerations.
  • We believe it is potentially risky due to the possibility of being banned from LinkedIn.

Why to choose Dripify LinkedIn automation in 2022?

If you are seeking a technique to automate all your social media marketing and sales efforts simultaneously, Dripify is what you need! Dripify LinkedIn automation is a python-based automated querying tool that allows users to create automated actions. You can use Dripify to send messages on autopilot, and it will keep track of the status of each message. Dripify LinkedIn Scraper allows you to scrape profiles automatically and extract data including emails. It is simple, easy-to-use, fast at sending your emails, and highly accurate in tracking the responses from your contacts.

Dripify has a built-in Drip Campaign Manager allowing you to:

  1. design your Drip email campaigns
  2. make necessary customizations
  3. choose the sequence of emails sent out by it
  4. get complete control over what is happening in your Drip email campaign.

Dripify also allows Dripify Drip Email Automation to run in a fully automated mode. Drip email campaigns can get programmed, and emails are sent out without any manual intervention by the user.

It is an attractive solution for automating work on LinkedIn because of its extensive feature set, 24-hour customer service, and user-friendly design.

Monthly fees begin at $39 per month (if paid annually).

Why choosing Dripify over Phantombuster

It would be best to choose Dripify over Phantombuster because it is more efficient and user-friendly. While Phantombuster takes about an entire minute to clean the clipboard, Dripify allows for fine-tuning of the “shampoo” values and employs values such as XPath selectors and regular expressions. Dripify also speeds up the plugin by about 10 minutes.

Phantombuster is a lot more limited in what it can do in addition to cleaning the clipboard. Phantombuster cannot change any XML or JSON properties, nor does it support regular expressions or XPath selectors.

While Phantombuster isn’t useless, Dripify is a lot more efficient and versatile.

Phantombuster is only compatible with Firefox, limiting its use for those using another browser to do their clipboard work. Dripify works on Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer (7+), Android Browser, and Chromium-based browsers.

If you seek a more powerful clipboard plugin, look toward Chrome as it has an even more advanced clipboard module. However, if you’re using another browser and want a fast, efficient way to clean the clipboard on Firefox, use dripify.

Why is Dripify better than Phantom Buster?

The use of Dripify produces better results than the use of Phantom Buster. As determined by long-term usage on more than ten LinkedIn accounts with varying membership levels, Dripify has a higher acceptance rate than other similar services since it allows you to automatically follow, like, or view the profiles of those who ignore your connection requests.

Personalized invitation notes contain more than 15 variables, which allows for greater customization. Dripify outperforms Phantom Buster in terms of conversion rate since consumers may take advantage of comprehensive campaign creation options. It helps you close transactions faster by sending you notifications when new messages from your leads arrive and allowing you to respond without leaving Dripify.

Phantombuster vs Dripify comparison

Feature Phantombuster Dripify
24/7 customer support No Yes
Compatibility with LinkedIn accounts Free and Sales Navigator Free, Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite
Standard plan cost 70$ / month 39$ / month
Free trial 14 days 7 days
Complete performance automation No Yes


Based on the Dripify vs Phantombuster comparison, the first one is your best bet! Dripify is a tool you should use if you look for leads and use LinkedIn to generate them. Dripify has numerous competitors on the market, but none of them provides Dripify LinkedIn’s capabilities. We are convinced that when you construct your Drip campaigns, you will notice that the tool has a lot of potential. It has an easy-to-use and understandable user interface, as well as excellent customer support. LinkedIn has never been so helpful as a Dripify platform before. Dripify is your go-to tool as the social networking platform develops in popularity if you’re a digital marketer.

If you’re looking to use LinkedIn to generate leads, Dripify should be on your radar. Although it is one of the Phantom Buster alternatives, it does not have the same degree of functionality. In our perspective, the option to build your Drip programs has a lot of potential. It has helped us move leads through the sales funnel much more quickly.

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