YAMAHA MCL-200: The Ultimate Lab System Every Music Teacher Needs

Are you a music teacher who is looking for something more from your Laboratory System? Or are you a musical director who wants to have a good lab system that is worthy of investing into? Then YAMAHA MCL-200 is just for you.

Supports the iPad devices that has the compatible OS (iOS 12 or later), the MCL-200 is a friend for the music teacher that wants to give their students the best music lessons that they deserve. The MCL-200 gives you the ultimate flexibility to control on what the teacher is hearing, and the students is hearing. The professors have the ability to communicate with specific students through their headphones because of the device design, fits for 8 students playing simultaneously. With the push button design, the professors can also hear the students play their music all at the same time. The specific communication is not only limited to the teachers alone. The students can also communicate with their classmates. The headphones that come with the MCL-200 are designed to be wireless, giving the professors to roam around the room to help each student while still listening to every one of them. If you want to have a great quality and high-tech teaching method, you can always check this gear supply and change how your music class learning experience.

Here are the things you wanted to know about the MCL-200.

Tap App

Yamaha MCL-200 includes the tap app. This application helps the instructors to have controls over their students. It also gives them freedom to group the students who are playing with different instruments, different ability, or when there are subgroups who play on different pieces. The tap app also gives the professor the ability to mute all students on one tap, communicate with each student, and with one touch, can monitor the class attendance. A teacher’s best friend indeed.


The MCL-200 system can provide control over select Yamaha keyboards and Clavinola digital pianos. Also, the instructors can highlight notes on the students’ instruments in just one tap on his stations. This ability will lessen the time for the instructors to move to one student to another just to specify the right notes that needs to be played. Instructors can also reset all the students’ instruments and change the students’ piano models to grand piano. Instructors also has the ability to blend the entire class instruments.


MLC-200 Base system includes all of the components that the instructors needs and their eight students. The components are composed of an advance Yamaha MRX7-D Dante signal processor. This handles all the audio routing and the mixing duties that needs to be done in the class. The system also includes the SW2100P-10G Ethernet switch. This helps the MRX7-D to be connected to the eight instruments stations of the students and the teacher’s station, headphones, and the cables and the nine MLA-200 interface boxes.  

The MLA-200 will serve as the bridge between the Dante network and the signal stations. This will help to connect the headphones, headphone mix, headset microphones, the instrument audios, and the instruments USB-MIDI connection. The MLA-200 also includes the volume knob. This will give convenience for the instructors to mute the microphones and the instructor call buttons. MLC-200 Base provides nine pair of headphones for the students and the teachers use. The single pair of wireless headphones is provided for the teachers and a Wi-Fi network that is already configured to be set only as private network. This set-up ensures a rock-solid control to the students coming from an iPad without losing bandwidth coming from other nearby devices.

MLA-200 also includes duo mode. This helps the students share a single digital piano while plugging in separate headphones for each student to use.

If having a larger group of students is the problem, it is easier to solve. The instructors just need to add an additional SWP2100P-10G ethernet switches, another MLA-200 box depending on the number of the students, headphones, and cables. The MCL-200 delivers a very high quality of audio quality without experiencing any latency This is regardless of the number of students connected.

MCL-200 does not limit its function to only digital pianos. MCL-200 also allows the connection of electronic drum lab or the use of the system without the presence of the instruments, just for language learning.


The MCL-200 Music Lab system will come with an expensive price. But if to be considered, the price will be compensated with high quality audio and performance that can be used for a long-time investment.

In overall conclusion, the MCL-200 Music Lab system will surely become the teacher’s best friend when it comes to teaching music and even language. With a one tap iPad application that set its standards high and different from other music lab system, this will give the instructors effortless job on checking the performance of each student and communicating to each of them one-by-one through the headphones without getting near to each one of them.

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