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Is Clean Beauty Better For You

Beauty products: from skincare to makeup, there is an overwhelming amount of options to choose from out there on the market. From budget brands to the elite ones, there is certainly a pick available for everyone.

However, very few of us stop and think about what is inside all of these products. How harmful might these ingredients be to our skin? to our overall health? Keep reading to find out whether clean beauty is better for you.

What Does Clean Beauty Mean?

In this case, clean beauty refers to beaty products which contain specific ingreidents, picked out by experts. They are animal cruelty free, pure, and generally classified as ‘green’ ingredients. It is important to note that there is a list of banned products which under no circumstance will be found within the clean beauty products.

What is behind all the products is a team of experts which consists of makeup artists, estheticians, nutritionists and beauty experts, who all together are able to provide the perfect blend of quality, durability, and care. After numerous testing and discussion the perfect products are created for each person.

Skin Care

When it comes to skincare, there is nothing that clean beauty does not offer. From face oils, to eye creams, to cleansers.

Take for example the Creamy Bubbling Cleanser, not only does it come with attractive packaging, but it also offers extreme care. Think of natural ingredients such as papaya, pomegranate paired with glycolic and lactic acid. The bubbly texture makes the act of cleansing something new and fun, and leaves you with extremely soft skin.

Our skin often gets tired and textured from all the dirt and impurities it needs to fight off during the day. The Instant Revival Booster will help your skin feel and look young and revived again. With ingreidents including avocado, rich plant oils, and rosehip you are guaranteed to experience an incredible glow after applicating this product.


In the case of makeup, again there is hardly anything that the clean beauty line has missed out on. From foundation to mascara, there is a large variety in choice, as well as application tools such as brushes and beauty blenders.

The foundation, which can be considered more of a skin tint will also protect your face from the sun, which is extremely important when it comes to maintaining that ‘young’ and vibrant look. The oil-free substance allows for a naturally dewy looking skin after application.

The tinted lip oil will leave your lips looking the perfect amount of glossy. This product is considered lightweight, making it a pleasurable experience to apply and wear. The mixture of sea succulent, seed oil, and hyaluronic acid creates a perfect formula that can be word every day.

Hair and Body

If this was not enough, the clean beauty line also offers various hair and body products ranging from shampoo to body moisturizer.

The Sea Shine Shampoo boosts the shine in the hair, without stripping any of the moisture away, and remaining a gentle formula on the hair and scalp. The Aphrodite bath bomb allows for ultimate relaxation with the help of the vanilla and coconut scent, whilst the coconut milk and kokum butter nourishes the skin.


Knowing what you are putting on your skin and body is the ultimate benefit when it comes to the Clean Beauty line.The all-natural and animal cruelty-free ingredients ensure that it will benefit your body in any case. The carefully picked out ingreidents also bring specific, rich, aromas that allow for ultimate pleasure when you are using or applying the products. Clean Beauty is certainly better for you.

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