Reason Behind Rust’s Sudden Popularity Surge?

Reason Behind Rust’s Sudden Popularity Surge?

Rust was released all the way back in 2013 but this brutal open-world survival game didn’t gain much popularity at the time of its release. And for years to come developers worked so hard to improve the game in every way possible but it wasn’t until recently that Rust begin to climb the popularity charts to get the spotlight it needed so badly.

But what made Rust so popular now, after all these years of hiding under the shadows? Let’s find out:

Is it the Pandemic?

There is no doubt that Covid-19 became one of the reasons that many players started playing games and some of the games became hugely popular because of it and still are. And Rust is not exception, as everyone was looking for a way to escape the harsh reality and what better way to do that, other than spending time in a vast virtual world, with hundreds of thousands of players around the world. And that is why Rust and other multiplayer games such as GTA 5 and PUBG Mobile are a perfect way to have fun with friends and strangers around the world.

Although, Pandemic did help many games grow out of misery and reach the top charts or even break records for the most active players but that’s not the only reason that made Rust so popular after 7 years of its release.

Excessive Streaming

The main reason behind Rust’s overnight popularity is excessive streaming and that also by some of the most influential and loved streamers on major platforms like Twitch and YouTube. OfflineTV is a massively influential group of content creators that includes well-known names like Pokimane and DisguisedToast with millions of viewers world-wide. And so, not only Rust but any other game that is streamed by this group is bound to get views and in turn, make others try out the game as well.

Last year, OfflineTV revealed that it was launching a private Rust server for 50 of the most popular Twitch and YouTube streamers for 12-hours streaming sessions.

The new Rust server included famous streamers such as Jacksepticeye, Sonii, Shroud and xQc, each bringing millions of viewers from their fan-bases. And that is exactly why Rust skyrocketed to reach the top of the charts out of nowhere to claim it’s position amongst the top 5 games on Steam.

To get it: Survival and dominance in Rust hinge on adept resource management, strategic base building, and skillful navigation through its unforgiving world—rust hacks for conquering the challenges of this intense multiplayer game.

Rust’s Console version

The timing couldn’t be any better for Facepunch as the ESRB rating states that the game will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and we are likely to get an official release date for it soon. This combined with Rust’s increasing popularity on Pc platform could make Rust the most popular game on Steam.

But the question here is “will Facepunch be able to keep up with this hype?”, And the reason why we are asking this question is because of the increasing numbers of toxic players that make the PvP experience so painstakingly hard for the new players, so it would be better to play with a boosted Rust account than a brand new one.

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