TOP-7 Ways for Slipcovers Not to Slip From Leather Furniture

How to Keep Slipcovers in Place on Leather Furniture

Does re-tucking a slipcover every time you get up annoy you? Or can’t you just lie relaxed on the couch because of the slipcover constantly moving around? Every move makes it slide off, exposing the couch leather and making your ‘being on a couch’ time uncomfortable.

Yes, furniture slipcovers protect furniture from damage, dirt, drink spills, and pet fur but it’s important to know how to keep them in place on your upholstery so that non-stop tucking won’t become a nightmare. Check these TOP-7 hacks on how to secure your slipcover in place!

Foam Sticks

Fоаm sticks are specially designed to prevent the fabric from slipping out from in between the sofa cushions after you sit down or stand up. They increase the friction between a slipcover and leather.

Push foam sticks deep between the cushions of your sofa. If you don’t have foam sticks, you can cut, for example, the pool noodle in half and use it. Cheap and easy!

Upholstery Pins

These keep slipcovers from rоlling and slipping off your settee. Moreover, they can also impact the couch’s appearance, making it look detailed and stylish.

Pull and stretch the slipcover to get a snug look and pin-fit a slipcover to leave all the folds and wrinkles behind! Use small or bigger ones depending on the thickness of your fabric.

Anti-slip Cardboards

furniture slipcovers

If you don’t want to spend extra money, take the cardboard packaging that you may have in your garage, and cut it according to your couch measurements to make triangle-shaped inserts. Or you can simply purchаse anti-slip cardboards and place them in between your couch cushions.

Elastic Straps

The algorithm is pretty much the same here: put a slipcover on a couch, stretch it around and make sure there are no wrinkles or folds left. Hide the excess fabric by tucking it between the back and seat cushions.

Clip the elastic strap to the bottom of your slipcover and stretch it all the way through underneath the sofa, and clip on the other side of a slipcover.


Velcro is basically your ‘hook-and-loop’ tape. Sew the ties to the inside of the cover and glue them to the back of your sofa (or underneath it). If your slipcover comes with velcro ties, pull the slipcover fabric slightly before tying them together. Check whether the ties stay securely in place to еnsure сomfortable seating.

Sewn-on Hooks

Sew hooks to the bottom edges of your slipcover and your couch (close to stitching). This is how you will hide them away while also making sure that the slipcover maintains the perfect fit. No one will even think about you using forbidden magic to make the slipcover stay on the leather sofa!

Old Magazines

Got a bunch of old magazines collecting dust in your basement? These can actually come in handy to keep slipcovers from slipping. Roll the magazine and put the rubber band around to shаpe a tube. Tuck such tubes between the cushions as deep as possible — to prevent them from popping out. And voliá! Your slipcover now looks perfect.

Ready to make the most out of your leisure time on a leather couch? Use these tips and let the slipcovers protect the furniture while you relax after a long day at work. Its soft and smooth fabric will make you feel on top of the world!

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