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Top Extensions Needed by Recruiters for Quality Work

Every recruiter knows that the job can be a tricky balancing act where a lot of moving parts have to be mastered to achieve success. From tracking down elusive prospects to making clients happy, challenges can mount up and become overwhelming very quickly if we’re not on our guard. However, thanks to modern innovations, recruiters can cut through much of the drudge work and hit their targets with greater efficiency.

If you’re not using recruitment extensions in your browser, then you could be saddling yourself with a lot of extra work that could be performed and organized by the right extension. Whether you’re looking to source more leads, organize candidate data, or schedule onboarding processes, there’s an extension out there for you. So we’ll review some of the best available extensions for recruitment work that could help you get the results you need to succeed.


Passive candidates are recruitment prospects who aren’t currently looking for a job but might be a great fit for a new position anyway. With passive candidates, it’s up to us to proactively recruit them and take the initiative to make the first move and establish contact. This is obviously a tougher challenge than dealing with a recruit who’s actively seeking a new position, but the right extension can make things easier.

From the people behind MightyRecruiter, the MightySource extension is a handy piece of software that makes it easier to streamline all your recruiter-candidate communications. There are features for customizing email templates for soliciting job applications which you can then batch mail to candidates through the same extension. If you’re working on a mass hiring campaign, these features could be especially useful. There’s also a service for creating candidate profiles, but, to be honest, there are other extensions that perform these functions more effectively.


If you’re after a tool that can supercharge your lead generation, look no further than the SignalHire extension for meeting your needs. This terrific extension allows recruiters to proactively discover valuable leads by searching for candidates by criteria like skills, previous employers, and even location. SignalHire searches through over 300 million profiles on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and GitHub to return results, meaning it provides great coverage and can highlight valuable data on skills and experience.

Where SignalHire is particularly innovative is that it analyzes an entire profile for data, whereas other extensions just utilize the data from basic profile information. This means that you could find hidden details that might point you towards recruits with high potential that might not be immediately obvious. Additionally, SignalHire can return you with email addresses for personal and professional contact that are all verified by third-party services, so you’ll be able to contact candidates directly without having to mediate communication through LinkedIn or other social media platforms. Overall, this innovative extension makes for a serious value proposition to recruiters who want a shortcut to delivering results.


As recruiters, we conduct many of our work through emails, so the right Gmail extension can help us streamline our workloads seriously. Accompany for Gmail is just such a tool that cleverly delivers candidate information straight from your inbox when you hover your cursor over a candidate’s email address. This includes links to their social media profiles, as well as data about their current position and previous employers. Accompany also lets you schedule reminders for any meetings on your schedule and archives your email communication with various prospects and offers note-taking for relevant details.


Although quite complex, Hiretual is a recruitment extension that leverages sophisticated analytics software to boost your recruiting powers. Hiretual lets you search for candidates with Boolean search terms and organizes results through generated criteria like availability, forecasted pay expectations, and professional seniority. Hiretual also has a system for ranking candidates against their peers. However, this is not something that recruiters will want to rely on too strongly, as it could result in valuable prospects being overlooked by the algorithm. The basic edition of Hiretual is free, but the most powerful features are locked behind the premium version.


Streak is a browser extension that lets recruiters streamline a variety of different CRM processes. It lets you archive all your communications with candidates, organize stored resumes, and track applicants at different stages of the recruitment tunnel-like interviews and onboarding. Being able to do this without having to open a separate window from Gmail is handy, and you might find yourself managing your workload more efficiently through a single interface. Another feature set is the “Email Power Tools” where you can see whether your emails have been opened, create templates for mass emails and schedule message deliveries. You’ll need to pay for the premium version to access most features, but the free version can still help you with your workload.


While not strictly a recruitment-focused extension per se, Ultidash offers features that most of us will find helpful for improving productivity and refining our recruitment processes. You can create your own personalized to-do lists and block websites on your browser that aren’t relevant to work to help your keep your focus on the job. This extension also lets you track your overall online activities, so you can find out if you’re spending too much time on the wrong websites. Overall, these features can be very useful for a lot of recruiters, particularly if you’re having problems keeping your attention on your workload.

The Bottom Line

Whatever field of recruitment you work in, these browser extensions can help you tackle your workload in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to cast a wider net for sourcing leads or taking a more efficient approach to emailing new candidates, there’s an extension that can make you a better recruiter and help you hit your targets in record time. Many of these extensions offer free trial editions, so try those before deciding whether you want to plump for the premium version.

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