Mobile-Compatible LMS

Top Factors That Contribute To The Popularity Of Mobile-Compatible LMS

Learning Management Systems have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for good reason. A LMS streamlines the delivery and management of online training programs, leading to an uprise in its adoption during the pandemic to train employees remotely. Not only does a LMS reduce employee training costs but also saves time spent on training.

LMSs come loaded with many interesting features to help manage the delivery and tracking of online courses. One such feature is mobile learning support. Learning is more approachable on mobile devices, which is why mobile-compatible LMSs like WorkRamp with user-friendly interfaces and quick navigation aids have become increasingly popular.

Let’s look at the top reasons for the popularity of mobile-compatible LMSs :

Most people always carry their smartphone with them wherever they go. Providing learning solutions through a mobile-compatible LMS will allow learners to access content from literally anywhere, at any time of the day on a device of their choice.

Compared to the traditional training methods of a classroom setup or the LMSs delivering training on a computer, a mobile-compatible LMS provides much more accessibility. This allows employees to quickly log in to the course on their phones and start learning without much effort.

  • Easy tracking & reporting:

One of the most important elements of online training is tracking learner progress. With automated reports generated by a LMS, it becomes easy to monitor their progress and measure the effectiveness of the training program.

The amazing thing about mobile-compatible LMSs is that they provide offline learning support as well. This means learning doesn’t have to stop as employees can access content even in the absence of an internet connection. The LMS syncs up their progress as soon as the connection is restored, making it easy to keep a track of their course progress.

  • Social learning:

Human beings being social animals, retain much more information through social engagement. With mobile-compatible LMSs providing social learning opportunities, learning from a mobile phone becomes highly engaging. 

Additionally, it allows them to effortlessly engage with the content and discuss with their peers. This leads to better retention of knowledge and has a greater callback value. This will allow them to utilize their knowledge well in their everyday work.

  • Cost-effective:

Providing L&D opportunities through mobile applications is a great way to save training costs. It completely eliminates the need to have a training venue, or hire an instructor, pay instructor travel and food costs, get training material printed, etc.

In fact, it doesn’t even require a computer. Employees can start learning from a mobile device or tablet of their choice and have an equally engaging learning experience as they would have while learning on a computer screen.

  • Makes learning unchallenging:

Training in the good old days used to be a stressful exercise where employees had to ensure they were making the most of it. They were expected to be present for the training at a fixed time, attend it for a long number of hours and stay attentive all the time to ensure they have everything they need written down.

Today, mobile-compatible LMSs have replaced the stress of learning, and made it convenient to learn at any time of the day at a pace the employee is comfortable with. Being able to go through any topic as many times as possible to understand it better is a huge benefit that comes with mobile LMSs.


Mobile learning or m-Learning is the future. Since most people are anyway glued to their mobile phones the whole day, it becomes easy to log in to a course on it and start learning from anywhere. It provides learners more flexibility and makes learning convenient. 

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