How to Overcome Common Objections to a LMS? 

If you think there is a need in your company to implement a learning management system, it is upto you to make a persuasive and informative pitch in the favor. It can be challenging to get thumbs up for new technology in the organization for various reasons. 

To make a business case for a new LMS or any new technology, you have got to be ready for the objections you’re about to hear, and you have to be able to answer them.

The best you can do is show decision-makers and shareholders the worth of getting the best online learning platform in the organization. To do this, you just not solely be able to combat objections, however you should grasp the pain points of your business, what quantity those pain points are, cost accounting, and you would like to be ready to lay out however the LMS addresses them specifically.

“No need to get a new LMS”

Decision-makers might imagine that whereas the concept of a learning management system appears fine, there’s no requirement for them. Their purpose is probably going to support the current purpose. Unless there are obvious training and learning development gaps, a learning management system will appear to be one thing that’s simply not necessary. So how does one combat a logical objection like that?

First, albeit training gaps may not appear obvious, they may be terribly possible. As you’re building a pitch for implementing new LMS technology, you would like to seek out specific samples of why your current educational program isn’t cutting it.

Also, what regarding safety associate degreed compliance? Are there any potential problems? These may be a number of the foremost pricey issues that arise from an old training system.

“eLearning Is not effective” 

An objection you may hear is as straightforward because the undeniable fact that eLearning or a learning management system to deliver training isn’t effective. There’s an inclination, particularly in old organizations, to envision the older ways of doing things as simpler and better.

However, you’ll be able to gather the analysis showing transfer rates are improved considerably once a LMS or eLearning is employed. With a lot of retention and transference, it will increase business’s performance and even makes certain that training and learning budgets are being employed effectively.

“Cannot measure the effectiveness of training programs” 

The folks you’re attempting to sell on a brand new learning management system are all concerned about the numbers. They need to visualize the straightforward facts, and that they might have the thought in their head that it’s not possible to measure the ROI for training initiatives, thus why invest an excessive amount of effort into it.

What’s necessary to notice here is that it’s attainable to scale the ROI of a training and learning program, if you’ve got the correct measure technology and tools. Sure, you can’t exactly measure the ROI of training initiatives when it’s done in the old traditional method, however the flexibility to scale and track the training initiatives is one in every of the most important benefits of new modern LMS over other kinds of training.

“Lack of enough IT resource” 

When many decision-makers and executives hear that there’s an interest in introducing new technology, they need a vision that it’s getting to need in-depth investments in not solely the software but even the hardware. Executives would possibly desire they don’t have the mandatory resources to support this type of large-scale roll-out, however this is often straightforward to combat.

Most learning management systems are cloud-based, and there are a few LMS platforms that need organizational implementation.


Getting a good LMS not only helps in employee career development but also thrives the organization’s success. From tracking, monitoring, and scaling the employee performance to providing flexibility, modern technology, and great ROI on training initiatives, your learning management system got your covered. 

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