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Four Basic Tips to Sell a Junk Car Online to Make Money

Selling an old, damaged or junk car is a big problem for anyone, in addition to becoming a great nuisance, it could also lead to problems with the citizens or the authorities themselves.

And it is that to put that old car up for sale it is best to take it to the mechanical workshop, where they will not charge you anything for giving the diagnostics in case of having some of its defective parts, and verify that its operation, operability to report every detail the next owner. Not only will you be able to ask for a little more money for your purchase but you will also be able to negotiate it much faster.

Many owners do not know what or how to do with their “junk car”, so they do not prioritize getting rid of them, so today we will teach you three tips to make money from your junk car.

Now, if your car is badly damaged or the repairs it needs are quite expensive, the most profitable thing will be to sell it like that; with all its flaws. Of course, in this case it is important to be clear that we will not get the same amount for our car.

Maybe buying a similar model to take advantage of its good pieces seems like a good option but not necessarily it is. In any case, here are some tips to get the best return from your old car and by sell a junk car.

1. Sell it Yourself

It is time to finally part ways with the old and junk car and make a real profit for it, some extra money. Taking it to a sale or purchase or a used car dealer is a quick and quite effective option.

But if you offer it yourself you can get maybe up to 25% more profit on the transaction. Basically, because you save the commission payment to the person who helped you sell it and because you are the one who sets the price you want.

If you want to get the maximum profit and want to sell car for cash on a particular sale, you should keep some points in mind:

  • The first objective observation you should make about it is: does it work properly? If the answer is yes, you will no longer have to make light repairs and it will be ready to be put up for sale.
  • Forget about changing music player and the like, they are extra expenses; focus on the repairs that are really necessary to make the “little thing” work well.
  • If you have on hand the invoices or receipts for repairs made over time, make copies of them and show them as a guarantee of having done a good maintenance on your part.
  • If its appearance is deteriorated, that will greatly influence its price. A thorough cleaning will show it desirable, so emphasize polishing the paint, polishing the glass and deodorizing the upholstery.
  • With our “object of desire” presentable to the public, take high-resolution photos and good angles to avoid the inconvenience of an amateur photographer; seek professional quality shots.
  • Lastly, you must be extremely honest about the details of the vehicle, thus safeguarding your reputation as a seller.

If the car starts, rolls well and meets safety standards, the sale will be done.

2. Sell it by Parts

When the car is not in presentable condition to sell as a unit, you can sell it as auto parts. You will need to have some mechanical knowledge to disassemble the vehicle and a place to store the parts, so this option may not be the most viable option for you.

If you have the conditions, focus on removing the most valuable parts such as tires, windows, player and horns, axles, headlights, plates and engine parts. If you lack mechanical knowledge but want to make the most of your parts, we recommend asking for the favor or paying your trusted mechanic for it.

Failing that, you can also observe several tutorials on the internet where they explain in detail the best way to do it for beginners. But keep in mind that many things are not as easy as they seem and with this last method you could end up damaging some of the important pieces.

3. Sell it to a Junk Yard

If removing the parts seems cumbersome to you or you fear damaging it, and your car is not in a position to sell it to third parties for the damage it may have, you are left with the Junk yard option. These are companies that are responsible for buying junk cars for recycling or parts sale.

These companies will not give you a large amount of money for your car; but you’re finally selling it to them because the car is not in good condition and you don’t want it at home anymore so it’s worth a try. Most pay in cash the same time you deliver the car.

4. Buy a used Car at Auction and Resell it

Pending a hobby that generates income? It seems old car maintenance is becoming a highly profitable business. With some mechanical “cat’s hand” and a thorough cleaning, an evicted old man can become quite a desirable collector’s item.

Remember to do maintenance not just on the basics but on certain often forgotten places like the inside of the hood, the wheel fenders, and the door handles. When it’s fully restored, you can take it to an auction fair and get a good chance to sell it there.

Before you say goodbye to your old car, be sure to consider the different ways that buyer and seller can get the best value for money to ensure the best deal possible.

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