Wardrobe Tips for the Fashionable Minimalist – Moving Toward a More Mindful, Eco-Conscious Style

Wardrobe Tips for the Fashionable Minimalist – Moving Toward a More Mindful, Eco-Conscious Style

Our preferences change as we evolve, both as individuals and as members of society. We are affected and influenced by the people around us, but most of all, our values and expanding awareness change how we make decisions, especially with regards to our clothing choices. At one point, what you wear stops being a matter of pure practicality. It becomes a reflection of your overall lifestyle, whether you’re looking to implement more sustainable choices, or you’d like to use fashion as an extension of your personality.

This is where greater awareness and mindfulness in fashion often lead to minimalism. People who are happy with less, who know how to enjoy life with less, also tend to treat fashion as a matter of careful selection of a few garments and accessories, rather than a matter of following seasonal, ever-changing trends.

As more sustainable brands rise to the surface and out of anonymity, we learn how to cherish pre-loved garments, recyclable wearables, and pieces made of eco-conscious materials that last longer than their conventional counterparts. If you’re looking to embrace minimalism as an extension of your overall, mindful lifestyle, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Pay attention to the fabric

Your clothes need to be made of durable, comfortable, and natural fabrics that are good for your skin, kind to the planet, and promise to last long. That way, you will be able to honor all the core principles of minimalist living.

Cotton, bamboo, wool, cashmere, and linen are some of the best options you can consider. These are low-maintenance fabrics that are used in high-end as well as casual fashion pieces, making them super easy to use for everyday and special occasions. The sheer longevity of the garments made of these materials makes them much more sustainable for the long haul – instead of having to replace your wearables regularly, you’ll be able to wear them for years.

Add to that, garments made of durable and natural fabrics are easier to mend, recycle, and repurpose. Some old t-shirts are destined to be used for cleaning your apartment, while others can be used in creating a duvet cover.

Put your best foot forward

Choose the right shoes and you’ll nail your look every time – which is why minimalism strives for comfortable, durable, and functional footwear above all else. Although a model might look good on the shelf, its form and cut don’t necessarily make your feet feel heavenly. Paying attention to how a shoe fits will help you find few, but long-lasting pairs of shoes that will serve many a purpose.

From ankle booties, clean white sneakers, all the way to pumps and sandals, your footwear will provide you with a solid way to diversify your minimalist essentials. Through color, texture, and pattern versatility, shoes can be your best stylish friends in coming up with a creative look for any occasion.

What’s more, your inner minimalist can thrive on vegan, cruelty-free footwear like Thousand Fell sneakers made from recycled bottles. These types of shoes and sneakers can completely revamp your style, and contribute to greater sustainability.

Jewelry to steal the spotlight

You might imagine a minimalist building an endless pile of jewelry options just to make up for the limited selection of clothes. On the contrary, minimalists know the value of a quality, customized piece of jewelry when they see it, and they’ll always go for that one item rather than a dozen others merely for the sake of numbers. What’s more, a personalized item with sentimental value can never go out of style or be replaced by a bunch of other glitzy baubles.

A minimal outfit can be perfected when combined with a diamond locket necklace that portrays an important moment in your life, a memory, photo, or a message. It’s unique and authentic, and it matches everything from casual jeans and shirts to that little black dress for a cocktail party. Selecting a few, but valuable pieces of jewelry will elevate your look to new heights without overburdening you with options.

Better yet, get your necklace from a certified B Corporation that strives for sustainability in the form of carbon-neutral shipping, recycled materials, and renewable energy use. A lifelong piece of jewelry of that kind of value will help you change your approach to accessorizing for good.

Choose for comfort and style

On one hand, being fashionable means knowing how to mix and match your garments and accessories for a brilliant effect, but on the other, it means securing your own comfort. This is where minimalism truly shines!

Fashion has swerved away from haute looks that call for hours of putting up with a combo that makes you feel like you can barely move or breathe. With fashion styles like athleisure and a love for oversized, chunky sweaters, fashion is making more room for items that ooze coziness.

Your own wardrobe can be based on this philosophy of blending style with comfort – like the Veerah black pump made of apple leather and recycled plastic bottled. Now that you plan to reduce your wearables and add-ons to that bare minimum of functionality, it’s up to you to take your time in choosing every piece with care, to ensure that you’ll feel good wearing it.

Declutter on a regular basis

Minimalism is not a uniform approach to life, but a spectrum that has all kinds of useful hacks to help you remain devoted to your new decision to live more with less. It strives to elevate the longevity and sustainability of your clothes without limiting your self-expression through style.

When you’re tempted to buy something just because it’s on sale, it’s easier to take a step back and decide against it. However, when you’ve managed to convince yourself you need something, it gets a little trickier, which is why going back to your closet regularly helps you declutter and stay mindful.

For example, you can live by the mantra “When one item goes in, one has to go out”. This gives you time to review your existing style options and reconsider if you really need the new item, or on the other hand, if it’s time to replace an existing one. Perhaps you can give it to a friend, resell it, or donate it to a charity. Decluttering helps you keep your mind on track!

Being a minimalist in life and fashion is a process, not a single decision. It takes time to embrace this mindset as your go-to approach to shopping and dressing, so give yourself time to transition to this healthy, sustainable way of perceiving your style choices. With these little tips in mind, you can make the process a lot easier, since you can keep your decisions simpler and stay on track with your minimalist goals for the future.

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