Top Five Sites that are Similar to Fiverr

There are many sites that are similar to fiverr. A fiverr is a website where we can earn online like buying and selling different types of products. We can easily find work on fiverr.

Some sites that are similar to fiverr are as follows:

  • Up work
  • True lancing
  • Guru
  • Toptal
  • 99designs

Up work

Up work is an online website that work is same as we can do on fiverr. But in the comparison between fiverr and up work, up work is more better than fiverr. People show their interest on up work as in the comparison at fiverr because up work shows better and quicker result. People want to buy and sell their products on up work for their demanding rates as they want.

True lancing

True lancing is an Indian website. Most Indians preferred to use their own Indian website. True lancing also provides their customer better result. Freelancer can also show their interest on true lancing. Freelancers have a platform to show their abilities to that kind of platform in order to retain and maintain their clients on that platform.


Guru is also an Indian website. It is also an online earning platform which provides different facilities to customers and sellers. Guru is also give design like 99designs. It includes graphic designing that prints different types of graphics. If you want more security and protection of any kind of hacking and data losing fear, you just come to the guru website because it is safer and protected of any kind of hacking. While in case of fiverr marketing, there is all kind of selling and purchasing there. In short, Guru is better, faster or quicker than fiverr.


On the other hand Toptal is a website that is similar to fiverr but in comparison between toptal and fiverr, toptal provides many other facilities to customers and resellers. Toptal is a short form and its abbreviation is ‘Top talent’. In short, we can write and read top talent as toptal. It also has many features as compare to the fiverr and other websites such as guru, freelancing and many more other websites. At this platform, the seller and buyers have to saw the talent of their dealing or marketing.

Every kind or type of websites has their own capabilities and facilities for their customers and clients. Most people’s choice of buying and selling is the top talent which we also called it toptal.


99designs is a website that gives design of different market products to the customer on their possible rates. This website has to provide all kind of graphic designing as the requirement of the customer In order to maintain their customers or clients. If you want to complete or assignment your order to 99designs, in the end you will not disappoint of your choice of choosing this website. Here is the hundred percent sureties of the customer’s products and each and every thing that they want to order, buying and purchasing orders. Different products that a customer wants to purchase are also available at 99designs.

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