Top Tips For Cleaning And Descaling Your Saniflo

Top Tips For Cleaning And Descaling Your Saniflo

There are several ways to maintain your Saniflo water pump. It’s vital to keep the device clean to ensure it works properly. It’s also important to find ways to clean and descale your Saniflo pump if you find it gets clogged with dirt and debris. If you don’t descale and clean your pump, you’ll find that it has to work overtime to maintain the pressure in your system. This will make it less efficient and ultimately cost you more money in the long run.

Unplug your pump prior to cleaning it

First of all, you need to unplug your pump prior to cleaning it. Make sure that the power cord isn’t near anything that you are going to use to clean the pump. Also, be sure to remove any debris on the exterior of the pump by hand or with a wire brush. Once you have removed all the debris, you’re ready to get to the fun stuff. There are two things that need to be cleaned; the drain and the pump. Here are some top tips for cleaning and descaling your Saniflo pump.

Invest in good quality cleaning solutions

There are several tools that you can use to clean the inside of the pump. Be sure to invest in good quality cleaning solutions from Plumb2u for this purpose. Do a test run before actually cleaning anything else so that you can be sure that the cleaning solution is working properly. Try different solutions and see which one works the best. Some people like to use compressed air, while others like to use a vacuum cleaner.

Check the level of your pipes

While you’re there, also check the level of your pipes and check to see if they need to be flushed. They will clog easily if they are full of old deposits. You need to make sure that you never run hot water through these drains as it can cause damage to the pipe and also the drain itself. It is important that the water that runs through the drain has no soap suds left behind. Use a plunger to remove the excess suds.

Make sure the pump is functioning correctly

Once you are done with the plumbing, you need to check the pump to make sure that it is functioning correctly. You should never turn on the pump while the water is flowing towards the drain. Doing this can cause a serious problem, and you could end up with a flood in your house. If you hear strange noises while you are running the drain, you should turn the water off immediately and call a plumber.

Use the drain cleaner that you have bought

After you are done, you can use the drain cleaner that you have bought. The cleaner needs to reach the drainpipe, but you need to make sure that the cleaner does not get into the drain itself. Use the brush to scrub the drain. You need to work quickly, or the detergent could damage the pipe. It is important to work quickly because you do not want to wait too long before calling a plumber. It is also advised that you clean the toilet after using it to prevent germs from getting inside the toilet and making them sick.

Never pour hot water into a drain

The pipes below the sink act as heat sinks, and when you pour hot water into them, it can cause the pipes to crack. Make sure that you never pour boiling water down any drain. You should make sure that you use only cool water when you are trying to drain any kind of drain.

To summarise, the best tips for cleaning and descaling your drain are to always avoid using harmful chemicals and never over-pressurizing a drain. Always make sure that you use a professional drain cleaner and never use any kind of brush to clean your drain. Using a plunger will help to drain any kind of blockage in your drain. If you have an older toilet, then you may want to consider having it serviced so that it is working properly. This may cost some money, but it is far better than letting a clog occur in your sink and costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.


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