Dog’s Digestion

Treats That Can Help A Dog’s Digestion

Just about any dog owner out there would say that one of the most important aspects of taking care of a dog is making sure they are healthy. That’s why when your pet is having digestion problems; it can result in a tough time for both you and your dog.

Once you notice that your puppy is vomiting white foam, might be constipated, or has diarrhea, it’s a clear indication that they have some trouble with their digestion. It’s essential to act quickly before the problems get worse.

But before you go ahead and run to the vet’s clinic, there are a couple of dog treats and foods that you can give to your dog to help its digestion. You can also feed the treats to healthy pets to promote a healthy digestive system.

And in this article, we’ll be looking at some treats that you can give a dog to help it with digestion.

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1.   Pumpkin

It’s pretty well-known in the canine community that canned or pureed pumpkin can make great dog treats. Pumpkins a bunch of health benefits, and a lot of dogs seem to enjoy eating them!

However, one of the primary benefits that pumpkin has for dogs is related to their digestive system. Pumpkin has a lot of fiber, so it can help constipated dogs have regular bowel movements again. Simply mix in one to two tablespoons of canned pureed pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) into their food, and that should be enough to get things started.

But aside from aiding in digestion, pumpkin has a lot of other benefits for dogs. If you want to learn more about this, you can check out this article on all the benefits pumpkin can have for dogs: Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin? Benefits Of Pumpkin For Dogs

2.   Yogurt

When we humans run into digestive problems, one of our go-to solutions is a cup of yogurt. Since yogurt contains “good bacteria” that can help facilitate digestion. According to PetMD, it’s a great food to have when feeling constipated, and it can work just as well on dogs as it does with humans.

But it’s important to remember that dogs need much less yogurt than we do to get things going again. A quarter teaspoon mixed with their food should be enough for small dogs, one teaspoon is ideal for medium dogs, and for the larger ones, it’s best to give them one tablespoon.

The chances are that your dog won’t enjoy the taste of plain yogurt, though, so be ready to have to hide it in their food when feeding time comes.

3.   Raw Meat

Dogs are natural carnivores, which is why raw meat is very good for their digestion. Most vets recommend mixing in raw meat with your dog’s regular diet as it has a bunch of different enzymes that can supplement those already in a dog’s body, which can help them break down their food.

So, if your furry friend is experiencing some digestion issues, try considering mixing some raw meat in their diet to see if it can help make things better.

4.   Exercise

While this isn’t a “treat” as the others we mentioned on this list; it is something dogs enjoy very much and need a whole lot of, which is why we included it.

Dog’s digestive systems can store food for a very long time and slowly convert it into energy as needed. So, the more your dog exercises, the faster and smoother their digestion cycle is as their body converts food to energy more efficiently and frequently.

So, if your dog has been running into digestion issues, one of the simplest and easiest fixes is to bring them out for exercise more frequently, which should slowly get their system back to normal.

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